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10 Things You Didn't Know About the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Amanda Green

Over 100 million people watch the Super Bowl each year ... and some of them don't give a flying pigskin about football. Here are some facts to tide them over until halftime.

Our Interview With Jeopardy! Champion Arthur Chu

Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins talks to the polarizing contestant about playing to tie, Watson's influence, Cliff Clavin, and more.

16 Things You Can Watch Instead of the Super Bowl

Stacy Conradt

Don’t care about the Super Bowl this year? Lucky for you, there’s plenty of other programming out there.

7 TV Shows That Premiered Immediately After The Super Bowl

Rudie Obias

The Super Bowl draws in the largest TV viewing audience of the year, so it makes sense that the network that hosts the Big Game takes advantage of the ratings bump by showcasing new or fan-favorite TV

That Snow Down South Is Fake, Say Conspiracy Theorists

Matt Soniak

The government and/or terrorists must have dumped fake snow on the South as a chemical attack.

10 Photos of Adorable Puppies at the American Kennel Club

Erin McCarthy

This morning, in the world's most adorable press conference, the American Kennel Club announced that, for the 23rd year in a row, the Labrador Retriever is America's most popular pup—the lon

The Missing Links: The Car For Big Kids

Colin Patrick

The Top Rated Super Bowl Commercial Each Year, 1989 to Present

Bryan Dugan

Since 1989, USA Today has asked viewers to vote on the best Super Bowl ads. Here's a look back at the winners.

Deaf People Invented the Football Huddle…and Then Stopped Using It

Arika Okrent

There are a few different stories about how it originated (in 1918 at Oregon State, in 1921 at University of Illinois, in 1924 at Lafayette College) but it had first been used in the 1890s when Paul H

What Would Happen if Everyone Jumped at Once?

Hannah Keyser

Something would definitely happen—but it wouldn't be a big something.

GoldieBlox Wins a Big Game Ad from Intuit [Sponsored]

GoldieBlox's owner Debbie Sterling studied engineering at Stanford, only to find her field dominated by men. So she started a toy company that aims to excite girls about engineering.

The Reason Why No Photography is Allowed in the Sistine Chapel

Rick Marshall

Visitors to the chapel will find their experience peppered with terse shouts of “No photo! No video!” from security guards.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

10 Times Seth Meyers Cracked Up At His Own Jokes

Meredith Danko

Seth Meyers is about to leave the iconic SNL Weekend Update desk, which means he will soon be cracking up at his own jokes on his very own late night talk show.

Why Do We Call Athletic Uniforms “Jerseys”?

Mark Mancini

Super Bowl XLVIII is this weekend, and both teams have already selected their designated uniforms for the occasion.