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The Missing Links: 90210's Kelly and Donna to Team Up, Solve Mysteries

Colin Patrick

Happy Virus Appreciation Day!

Miss Cellania

A Parrot’s First Flight

Matt Soniak

11 Things You Might Not Know You Can Still Buy

Therese Oneill

Even that guy or gal who seems to have everything probably doesn't have these items—because they didn't know they were still available!

How Do Astronauts Scratch Their Noses on Space Walks?

Matt Soniak

Reader Erica asks, “What do astronauts do when they get an itch on their face while in their space suits?”

Coffeehouse Culture in 18th-Century London

Virginia C McGuire

You walk into a coffee shop and look around. People of all descriptions are sitting at tables, reading the news, talking about the world, and drinking dark strong cups of coffee.

Morning Cup of Links: Drive-Through Skeleton Prank Reactions

Miss Cellania

Jim Henson Films, 1966-67

Chris Higgins

5 Questions: "Buck" Up

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The Sheikh of Shampoo

the mag

The next time you rinse and repeat, give a nod to the Indian surgeon who brought hair washing to the West.

Grave Sightings: Lizzie Borden

Stacy Conradt

After realizing that there are a lot of taphophiles (cemetery and/or tombstone enthusiasts) out there, I’m finally putting my archive of interesting tombstones to good use.

The Missing Links: Death Comes to Springfield

Colin Patrick

Even Entomologists Are Scared of Spiders

Matt Soniak

Some entomologists, the scientists that study insects, have a work life that presents a challenge: they’ve devoted their careers to creepy-crawly animals, work with them every day, sometimes get up cl

5 Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

Every Wednesday, I preview the 5 most interesting new comics hitting comic shops, Comixology, Kickstarter and the web. These aren't reviews, just brief highlights.

11 Great Salvador Dali Art Mash Ups

Jill Harness

While he never earned his own show (like Da Vinci), or even appeared in an episode of Doctor Who (like Van Gogh), Salvador Dali is undoubtedly one of the greatest artists in history—and he has plenty