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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Hear "Let It Go" From Disney's Frozen Sung in 25 Languages

Arika Okrent

Disney recently released this compilation video of the song "Let It Go," as sung in 25 different language versions.

19 Scathing Political Put-Downs

Mark Mancini

For all the talk of how politicians are getting too nasty these days, hammering your opponent is nothing new. Politicians have always been venomous, if some of these zingers are any indication.

Why Does It Feel So Cold When You Step Out of the Shower?

Lucas Reilly

You step into the basin and happily roast under a steamy blanket of hot water. But then you shut off the shower faucet, open the curtain, and whoosh! You’re a human popsicle.

Colin Jost is the New Host of SNL's Weekend Update

Colin Patrick

Saturday Night Live announced that Colin Jost will take a seat at the Weekend Update desk when Seth Meyers departs for his own late-night talk show next month.

5 Questions: Terriers

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B.J. Novak Wrote a Book and Made This Trailer

Jason English

One More Thing hits stores February 4th. We have not read it. But we give the trailer our full endorsement.

3 Motown Greats Who Recorded German Versions of Their Hits

Arika Okrent

Hear Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and The Supremes sing in German.

Awesome High School Student Dresses Up Like Every President

Jason English

Do the vice presidents next!

What the US Olympic Teams Will Be Wearing In Sochi

Miss Cellania

Who Are the "Black Widows" Threatening the Olympics?

David W Brown

Security experts in Sochi are concerned about “black widow” terrorists, a group of female suicide bombers. Where did they come from?

The Missing Links: Ask the Internet

Colin Patrick

7 Lesser-Known Hobbies for the Bored and Adventurous

Therese Oneill

If model trains don’t do it for you and you just can’t devote any more hours of your life to staring at glowing rectangular screens, try some of these lesser-known hobbies.

NES Start Screens, for Three Hours

Chris Higgins

10 Tempestuous Writerly Romances

Shannon McKenna Schmidt Joni Rendon

For these writers, turbulent real-life relationships rivaled the dramas that played out on the page.