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Brain Game: The Starched Brain Game

Sandy Wood

Where in the World is Kim Jong-un's Older Brother?

David W Brown

In 2001, Kim Jong-nam was busted with a fake passport while trying to sneak into Japan to visit Tokyo Disneyland. What's he been up to since?

8 Movies That Started Shooting Without a Completed Script

Rudie Obias

Typically, a screenplay is the backbone or blueprint for a movie—but occasionally, a film will go into principal photography without a finished script, with writers frantically trying to complete scen

The Time Teddy Roosevelt Got Shot in the Chest, Gave Speech Anyway

Adrienne Crezo

"But fortunately I had my manuscript."

Are Special Pumpkin-Carving Tools Safer Than Kitchen Knives?

Nick Greene the mag

School Lunches Around the World

Alvin Ward

5 Questions: "So"-So

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What Really Goes Into a McDonald’s Burger Patty

Abbey Stone

“Are there lips and eyeballs in there, Jimmy?”

11 Wonderful Former Disney Rides

Rebecca OConnell

Name the Teams That Don't End in 'S'

The Missing Links: The Comedy Club That Charges By the Laugh

Colin Patrick

The Origins of 11 Funny Animal-Related Sayings

Kate Erbland

The origins are often more complicated (and fun) than you’d expect.

Modern Problems: "My in-laws are making the entire family go on a cruise. Can I ever so politely beg off?"

the mag AJ Jacobs

The Empire Strikes Back, Remade By 480 Fans

Chris Higgins

Name the Top 20 Harry Potter Characters by Number of Mentions