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10 January Ice and Snow Festivals

Miss Cellania

What If? 19 Alternate Histories Imagining a Very Different World

Mark Juddery

Alternate history, long popular with fiction writers, has also been explored by historians and journalists. Here are some of their intriguing conclusions.

Mister Rogers Visits the Sneaker Factory

Chris Higgins

12 New Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013

Erik van Rheenen

The OED upped its entry count with three updates last year—here's a snapshot retrospective of the words committed to dictionary immortality in 2013.

Q&A: Jason Silva, Host of Brain Games

Jason Silva is the host of National Geographic Channel’s hit series, Brain Games. We got a chance to talk to him about the show and ended up totally geeking out.

What Causes Baldness?

DeAnna Kerley

If you’ve got a receding hairline, don’t be so quick to blame it on your baseball caps or your grandpa.

The Early Lives and Times of 7 Oil Barons

Want to become fabulously wealthy overnight and open the door to starting your own eccentric dynasty? We suggest striking oil.

5 Questions: Luke and Laura

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12 Crafts Perfect for Librarians

Jill Harness

From coffee mugs to pasties (!), here are some of the coolest crafts we hope to see popping up soon in a library near us.

The Hall of Fame Hats Quiz

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Nobody's suggesting Tom Glavine should be enshrined in a Mets cap, and Greg Maddux obviously won't go into Cooperstown as a Cub. But we've blurred the hats on the Cooperstown plaques of 14 Hall of Famers who played for multiple teams. Do you know which team's cap each legend is wearing?

The Missing Links: Look What's To Come

Colin Patrick

Brain Game: And It Is

Sandy Wood

13 Ailments 19th-Century Doctors Said Electrostatic Could Cure

Arallyn Primm

Static electricity was the name of the game in the 19th century, and it was a hot subject for almost 100 years.

Meet the World’s Only Known Venomous Crustacean

Matt Soniak

There are some 70,000 species of crustacean—the group that includes crabs, lobsters, shrimp and crayfish—in the world, and until very recently, none of them were known to be venomous.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

This week's interesting comics: Bob Fingerman's Minimum Wage returns and Black Widow gets her own series.