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15 of the Longest-Running Scientific Studies in History

Austin Thompson

Some experiments require time. Lots of time.

A Brief History of Pencil-Making

Shaunacy Ferro

Henry David Thoreau changed writing forever, and not just by hanging out by Walden Pond.

15 Reasons to Consider a Rescue Dog

Presented by GEICO.

Watch Blue Man Group's Tiny Desk Concert

Chris Higgins

This trio of blue men truly rock.

15 Examples of the Most Dramatic Metamorphoses from Youth to Adult

Erica Cirino

There are many animals besides butterflies that undergo dramatic transformations from youth to adult.

15 International Fall Traditions You'll Want to Adopt

Presented by GEICO.

The Origins of All 30 NBA Team Names

Scott Allen

And which teams could have been the Spirit, the Mounties, the Unicorns, and the Juice.

This Explorer's Corpse Has Been Trapped in Ice for More Than a Century

Meg Van Huygen

Keep an eye out for his skeleton in the sea in about 250 years.

How Slim Goodbody Helped Kids Discover Their Inner Superhero

Michele Debczak

“The Inside Story” made being healthy feel cool.

12 Facts About Shirley Chisholm, The First African-American to Run For President

Megan Snyder

Before Hillary Clinton's historic rise, Shirley Chisholm lead a revolutionary campaign as the the first African-American to run for president for a major party.

18 Awesome Video Stores That Are Still Open for Business

Rudie Obias

Take that, Netflix!

The Story Behind Cher's Long-Dormant Vampire Love Ballad

Kenneth Partridge

There’s a reason Cher had bats on the brain: At the time she wrote the song, she was being considered for a lead role in 'Interview With the Vampire.'

Another Big Storm Is Heading for the Pacific Northwest

Dennis Mersereau

It could tear into the coast as hard as a hurricane.

7 Myths About Vikings, Debunked

Kirstin Fawcett

Believe it or not, not all Vikings were blond warriors with terrifying nicknames.

The Enduring Mystery of the Oreo Cookie Design

Jake Rossen

Have we been eating a delicious subliminal message all along?