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Morning Cup of Links


Why Southern Californians Say “The” Before Freeway Numbers

Shaunacy Ferro

The regional quirk is due to the area’s particularly long history of highways.

Watch Frank Zappa & John Belushi Jam on 'SNL'

Chris Higgins

Belushi threatens a member of the horn section with his samurai sword...in a fun way.

The Bizarre 1970 Vampire Panic of Highgate Cemetery

Bess Lovejoy

Take some teenagers, rumors about a vampire, and some headless corpses, and what do you get? Panic.

You Will Soon Be Able to Buy Cream-Filled Oreo Churros

Andrew LaSane

Two delicious desserts combined in one self-contained snack.

Soon You'll Be Able to Turn Your Otherwise Useless iPhone Into a Game Boy

Rebecca OConnell

Finally, a Game Boy that makes calls.

Kurt Vonnegut's 'Cat's Cradle' Is Being Adapted For TV

Anna Green

TV producer Noah Hawley will write and executive produce a limited series based on Vonnegut’s novel for FX.

The Lectores Who Read to Cuba's Cigar Rollers

Jake Rossen

For 150 years, Cuban cigar makers have been kept informed by their lectores: readers who keep their minds occupied while their hands do the work.

Literary Magazine Publishes a Forgotten Faulkner Play

Kirstin Fawcett

The famed author wrote the one-act comedy when he was in his early 20s.

Your TV and Phone Are Talking to Each Other About You

Janet Burns

Don't love the idea that your TV and smartphone might team up to share your personal info? The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is right there with you.

15 Elevated Facts About 'White Men Can't Jump'

Roger Cormier

Before Woody Harrelson could get away with wearing pajamas on 'The Hunger Games' red carpet, he first had to become a movie star.

Artist Carves Skeletons Into Fruit With Creepy Results

Rebecca OConnell


Every Harry Potter Audiobook Is Finally Available on Audible

Andrew LaSane

Stephen Fry, Jim Dale, and Felix von Manteuffel provide the narration for the beloved books.

Google Search to Start Including Info and Data From Apps

Andrew LaSane

Soon, you'll also get to stream apps from the cloud.

A 1957 Time Capsule Found at MIT Won't Be Opened Until 2957

Kirstin Fawcett

The clear vessel is filled with nostalgic relics from the university's past.

15 Specialized Wrapping Papers for Everyone in Your Life

Rebecca OConnell

Go beyond snowflake wrapping paper this year.