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Pick the Only Vowel That Completes These Words

You can do this.

10 Deleted Scenes That Explain Major Movie Plot Holes

Rudie Obias

Every so often, a scene that is essential to a full understanding of a movie's plot ends up on the cutting room floor.

10 Saccharine Facts About Sweetest Day

Stacy Conradt

This holiday is mostly contained to the Great Lakes region, but for some retailers, its sales are better than those for Mother's Day.

The Devil Made Them Do It: 8 Examples of Satanic Panic in the '80s

Jake Rossen

In the 1980s, media hysteria saw demonic undertones in everything from Rainbow Brite to Pampers.

7 Easy Ways You Can Help Bees Right Now

Rebecca OConnell

The bees are in trouble—but there are easy things you can do to help.

Morning Cup of Links: On the Trail of Dracula

Miss Cellania

8 Skeptical Early Reactions to Revolutionary Inventions

Shaunacy Ferro

Change is hard.

5 Questions: Beatles

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Illusion Knitting Turns Angles and Stitches Into Hidden Art

Lela Nargi

Seen close-up and head-on, an illusion-knitted wall hanging might look like a mundane collection of stripes gently snagged by cat claws.

10 Members of Bob Ross's Happy Little Menagerie

Caitlin Schneider

“If you’re not careful, you can get attached to these little rascals—and I do. They’re very, very special to me.”

Google Researchers Develop an AI That Can Navigate the London Underground

Shaunacy Ferro

Google's DeepMind project has developed an artificial intelligence system that can reason through complicated problems using memory.

50 Punny Bar and Restaurant Names From Across the U.S.

Alvin Ward

When naming these bars and restaurants, their owners got punny.

Jumping Spiders Can Hear Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

Kate Horowitz

Scientists previously believed the tiny arachnids could only hear noises a few centimeters away.