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A Florida Brewery Created Edible Six-Pack Rings to Protect Aquatic Animals

Anna Green

Made of barley and wheat, they're safe for animals and humans to ingest.

Here's How Architects Plan to Move an Entire Swedish City

Kirstin Fawcett

The entire relocation could take until 2100.

An Enormous Fireball Shot Across the Skies Monday Night

Kate Horowitz

A museum in Maine is offering a $20,000 reward for large meteorite fragments.

13 Royal Facts About ‘Three Kings’

Garin Pirnia

George Clooney called the war-action-comedy "the worst experience" of his life. But he loved the movie.

Why Does My Heart Beat Faster Sometimes?

Autumn Spanne

Your movements and your feelings can give your heart a little workout.

Why Do People Call Rock-Paper-Scissors "Roshambo?"

Shaunacy Ferro

The term is more commonly used on the West Coast, especially in northern California.

Chomp on This: 7-Eleven Introduces Shark Week-Themed Snacks

Kirstin Fawcett

Go ahead and take a bite.

Some Private Jets Now Feature Much Larger Windows

Andrew LaSane

Door-sized windows and sunroofs give passengers better views of the sky.

Survey Shows Class of 2016 Feels Prepared to Enter the Workforce

Andrew LaSane

The transition from student to employee is not always easy, but the class of 2016 feels more prepared than classes that came before.

11 Secrets of Former Blockbuster Employees

Anna Green

They sure got tired of you complaining about late fees.

How a Real Quaker Perfectly Shut Down an Overzealous Quaker Oats Lawyer

Nick Greene

"We trace our Quaker ancestors back 320 years and they were mostly farmers, but I don’t know how many of them grew oats for your company."

The Missing Links: Animated Ways to Die In Space

Colin Patrick

Werner Herzog Will Teach You Filmmaking Online

Jake Rossen

The famed German director will advise you on cinematography, casting, and motivating actors with rifles.

Time Warner Cable Is About to Sign Off for Good

Jake Rossen

You'll still have to unplug your modem and wait 30 seconds, though.

Nintendo’s Unreleased Snow White Game Recovered After 25 Years

Rudie Obias

Appropriately, it was called ‘Happily Ever After.’