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Name the Band From These Lead Singers

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A 'Harry Potter'-Themed Pasta Restaurant Has Opened in New York City

Shaunacy Ferro

Accio spaghetti!

Genealogy Site FamilyTreeNow Knows Your Addresses and Family Members

Michele Debczak

Here's how you can opt out.

You Have to See Thursday's Best Amazon Deals

Smart Shopping Team

Poop Emoji-Inspired Doughnuts Are Now a Thing

Kirstin Fawcett


Scientists Find More Evidence That Your Appendix Serves a Purpose

Kate Horowitz

A new paper supports the theory that the much-maligned organ may serve as a “safe house” for beneficial bacteria.

8 Actors and Directors Who Did Not Get Along

Jeff Wells

When two highly paid creative visionaries work together, things don’t always go smoothly.

Can You Pick the Correct Word For the Definition?

You can do this.

7 Picturesque Houses Built Into Nature

A new book highlights houses that integrate seamlessly into their surroundings—whether they're buried under hills, covered in mirrors, or perched over the sea.

Subtle Survivor Belt Buckle Hides a Collection of Useful Tools

Alvin Ward

Everything you need while camping in one small place.

Morning Cup of Links: The Rise of the Beauty Salon

Miss Cellania

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Meet the Man Who's Found 83 Messages in Bottles

Kirstin Fawcett

Some people collect stamps or build models, but Clint Buffington has a more unusual hobby.

New York Is Becoming a Pickle Haven

Shaunacy Ferro

There are two new pickle-focused restaurants coming to the city.

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'Harry Potter' Cafe in Singapore Offers Literal Goblet of Fire

Michele Debczak

Muggles will be hard-pressed to find a drink that's more magical.