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10 of the Best Restaurants That Serve Bison

Suzanne Raga

July is National Bison Month.

Snack on Smurf-Inspired Desserts at a Mall in Hong Kong

Andrew LaSane

The treats were created as a part of an extensive Smurf exhibition.

Can a Person in Space Survive Without a Spacesuit?

Sci-fi writers, take note.

You Can Tour This 'Star Trek' Replica Deck

Jake Rossen

William Shatner not included.

The Most Searched for Pokémon in Each State

Andrew LaSane

This map uses search data to reveal where Pokémon Go players are searching for rare monsters.

11 Words That Started Out As Spelling Mistakes

Paul Anthony Jones

Every ‘Star Wars’ Fan Needs This Sarlacc Pit Coffee Table

Rudie Obias

If you’ve ever thought that the one thing missing from your living room is the Sarlacc Pit, Tom Spina Designs has you covered.

Designer Creates Microchip Manicure That Double as a London Subway Card

Shaunacy Ferro

A London designer's press-on nails are embedded with an RFID tag to swipe into the London Tube, no transit card required.

A Murdered Goose Has Been Commemorated with a Statue in England

Mental Floss UK

Hundreds of locals gathered in Writtle, Essex to pay tribute to Godfrey the Goose.

Monday's Amazon Deals You Need to See

Smart Shopping Team

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, July 18.

10 Elegant Facts About the Borzoi

Rebecca OConnell

8. Pink Floyd let one sing on stage.

'World of Warcraft' Introduces Silence Penalty for Bullies

Andrew LaSane

The developers hope the new feature will make online gaming a safer space for all.

Scientists Create Enormous 3D Map of Distant Galaxies

Kate Horowitz

It's the largest map ever created showing the effects of dark energy on our universe.

What’s in a Fecal Transplant?

Kate Horowitz

The treatment supposedly works by adding healthy bacteria to a patient’s gut, but there’s a lot more in our poop than just bacteria.

9 Nudist Resort Rules of Etiquette

Jake Rossen

Be prepared to bring a towel everywhere. You're going to need it.