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Do I Really Need to Take Vitamins?

Kate Horowitz

Do vitamin supplements improve your health—or do more harm than good?

Solemnly Swearing: 9 Times Oaths Are Required

Claire Cock-Starkey

Sometimes it's ok to swear.

The Position of the Moon Slightly Affects the Rainfall on Earth

Kate Horowitz

Scientists compared rainfall data with lunar position and found a distinct pattern.

Scientists Make Breakthrough in Controlling Type 1 Diabetes

Jordan Rosenfeld

They were able to transplant healthy human pancreatic cells into diabetic mice without triggering an immune response.

Orangutan Preschool Is (Not Surprisingly) Too Cute for Words

Kate Horowitz

The International Animal Rescue organization has opened “forest schools” where orphaned baby orangutans learn how to survive in the wild.

10 Timeless Facts About ‘The Land Before Time’

Mark Mancini

Five years before 'Jurassic Park' roared into theaters, a gentler, more meditative dinosaur film endeared itself to audiences of all ages.

Why Are Hotel 'Rack Rates' So Exorbitantly High?

Suzanne Raga

It's often several hundreds of dollars more than you would likely actually pay for the room. Why?

These Bookmarks Feature the Little Legs of Literary Characters

Michele Debczak

The collection includes the feet of Harry Potter, Bilbo Baggins, and C-3PO.

The Science Behind Why You Can Make Snow—Even When It's Above Freezing

Caitlin Schneider

All you need is water, air ... and a giant snow gun.

10 Museums Devoted to Household Items

Andrew LaSane

Why not create a museum for mustard, dinnerware, or hammers?

It’s Official: Tom Hanks is America's Favorite Movie Star

Anna Green

As if there was any doubt.

With Electroadhesion, Robotic Fingers Are Getting Closer to the Real Thing

Andrew LaSane

The electrode flaps can grab and lift an egg without breaking it.

Google Engineer Creates Homemade Smart Mirror

Rebecca OConnell

Get the weather forecast while brushing your teeth.

8 Versions of Popular Technology That Didn’t Make the Cut

Janet Burns

The process of discovery leaves behind a trail of ideas that didn’t pass muster, and the road to just about every breakthrough we’ve made is littered with alternate versions that got left behind.

7 Nearly Forgotten Foods Found On Restaurant Menus of Yesteryear

Kirstin Fawcett

We used to eat mock turtle, calf's feet, and peacock, among other unusual delicacies.