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‘Sherlock’ Fans Can Test Their Powers of Deduction by Solving a Case on Twitter

Jennifer M Wood

The game is on.

12 Educational Facts About the Recorder

Michele Debczak

This elementary school staple has a long history.

The 'Tree Man' of Bangladesh Gets His Hands Back

Jake Rossen

Abul Bajandar just saw his fingers for the first time in decades.

An Animated Series Produced by Studio Ghibli Is Coming to Amazon

Michele Debczak

Gorō Miyazaki clearly takes after his father.

How Long Does It Take to Get to the Bottom of an Excel Spreadsheet?

Rebecca OConnell

Thanks to one man's valiant efforts, we now know the answer.

Tuesday's Top Amazon Deals Will Save You Serious Cash

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Writes Thank You Note to 8-Year-Old Girl

Kirstin Fawcett

Michele Threefoot dressed up like the Supreme Court justice for her school's superhero day.

9 Warm Cocktails to Sip This Winter

Jeff Wells

'Tis the season for a toddy.

Hackers Find a Way to Add More Games to the NES Classic

Jay Serafino

Nintendo's roster of 30 games just got a sizable increase, thanks to some friendly hackers.

'Singin' in the Rain' Is Returning to Theaters This Weekend

Jennifer M Wood

What a glorious feeling …

Astronomers: Multiple Cosmic Collisions May Have Created Our Moon

Kate Horowitz

New research suggests the Moon we see today was once comprised of baby “moonlets.”

13 Wild Facts About ‘Wild Things’

Garin Pirnia

1. Kevin Bacon thought the script was "the trashiest piece of crap" he had ever read.

Monopoly Is Asking Fans to Pick the New Game Tokens

Rebecca OConnell

Say goodbye to the thimble.

8 Facts About the Ankle

Jordan Rosenfeld

8. You might want to rethink an ankle tattoo.

Sushi Bazooka Lets You Shoot Out Sushi Rolls in Record Time

Rebecca OConnell

Like a delicious t-shirt cannon.