When We Go to Mars, How Will We Protect Martian Life From Us?

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Life on Mars has yet to be found, but we're already making plans to protect it from us—and us from it.

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Hello, 1996.

What's in Dry-Erase Markers?

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What sorcery is this?!

Researchers Find 400-Year-Old Dentures in Italy

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They were made with real human teeth.

Add Charm to Your Home Improvement Jobs With Animal-Shaped Multi-Tools

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Collect all four and your tool box will start looking like a zoo.

15 Computer Sounds That Will Take You Back to the '90s

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14 Fascinating Facts About 'Sling Blade'

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John Ritter's backstory for his gay convenience store manger involved the 'Happy Days' gang.

This Visual Prosthetic Helps the Blind See Again

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New visual prostheses can help people with progressive retinal degeneration restore visual signals to their brain.

17 Electric Facts About 'MTV Unplugged'

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The Time Ohio and Michigan Almost Went to War

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Ohio State vs. Michigan is one of the best rivalries in sports. But two centuries ago, the states were ready to go to war for real.

Amazon Is Still Running Great Deals This Weekend

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

10 Gloriously Geeky Quilts

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Which fandom do you prefer to sleep under?

Where Your Favorite British TV Shows Take Place, Mapped

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On This Day in 1948, the First Polaroid Camera Was Sold

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It would cost $900 in today's dollars.

Why Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Daughter Might Become a Saint

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In her forties, she rededicated her life to working with the poor and very sick.