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How 10 Pieces of Furniture Got Their Names

Joan MacDonald

Why is your favorite place to relax called a couch?

'Mr. Robot' Releases Mobile Game Packaged as E Corp Messaging App

Anna Green

USA has released a 'Mr. Robot' game for Android.

Name the States That Start With 'M'

Take the quiz!

Scientists Say DNA Molecules Can Glow

Kate Horowitz

A reminder that just because something isn’t currently glowing doesn’t mean it never will.

The Real-Life Inspirations Behind 8 Memorable Cartoon Characters

Jay Serafino

Find out about the real-world inspiration behind some of the most recognizable cartoon characters in TV and movies.

The Mufgel Is New York City’s Latest Food Craze

Anna Green

The strange breakfast pastries feature a crumbly muffin on top and chewy bagel on the bottom.

Scientists Spot a Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid Off California Coast

Michele Debczak

"It's like some little kid dropped their toy."

We Might Have a Thai Princess to Thank For Water Tubing

Caitlin Schneider

When you think about it, of course a royal came up with this.

Who In the World Was Carmen Sandiego? We Finally Know the Answer

Lilit Marcus

It only took 20 years.

16 Buggy Ways to Say 'Mosquito'

Angela Tung

You might be one of a lucky type who rarely attract bites, or you might be someone skeeters love to feast on. If you’re the latter, you’ll want plenty of ammunition for name-calling.

This New Yorker's Apartment Is a Turtle Sanctuary

Anna Green

Wildlife rehabilitator Lorri Cramer runs a turtle sanctuary out of her cramped New York City apartment.

Massachusetts Elementary School Cancels Homework for a Year

Kate Horowitz

Administrators at the struggling school cited multiple studies showing that homework can actually make it harder for young kids to learn.

Japanese Cartoon 'Bananya' Tells the Tale of a Cat Who Lives Inside a Banana

Rebecca OConnell

The cutest feline-fruit cartoon you've ever seen.

Brands Drop Letters A, B, and O From Their Names to Promote Blood Donations

Anna Green

The letters A, B, and O are disappearing from signs and billboards around the world.

Morning Cup of Links: Ancient Olympic Stars

Miss Cellania

Links to get your surfing started!