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This Website Lets You Hear The Roar of 1920s New York City

Anna Green

In order to re-create the sonic history of New York City, historian Emily Thompson has created an interactive website called The Roaring Twenties, exploring the historical soundscape of New York City

French Phrases Hidden in English Words

Sean ONeill Arika Okrent

Even if you speak French you may never have noticed them.

Infrared Video Shows How Hummingbirds Shed Heat Through Their Eyes and Feet

Matt Soniak

Getting rid of excess heat is complicated when your body is covered in insulating feathers. Here's how hummingbirds do it.

Italian Town Welcomes First Baby in 28 Years

Kate Horowitz

Ostano's last baby arrived in 1987.

Name That Best Picture

Take the quiz!

8 Creative Interpretations of 'Groundhog Day'

Jennifer M Wood

A Bill Murray comedy as metaphor? These eight theories say yes.

How Do Mirrors Work?

Anna Green

Considering the near-magical function mirrors perform, their construction is surprisingly simple.

This Japanese Mall Helps Shoppers Stay Fit

Michele Debczak

For those who haven't already shopped til they've dropped.

This Handy Guide Pairs Girl Scout Cookies With Wine

Caitlin Schneider

For the sophisticated cookie eater in all of us.

9 Sweet Facts About Marshmallow Fluff

Darlena Cunha

8. A battle over Fluff's merits (or lack thereof) tied up the Massachusetts legislature for a week in 2006.

Americans Love Tipping, Study Finds

Anna Green

A full 29 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds believed that tipping was an “outdated” practice, but only 13 percent of 50- to 64-year-olds felt the same way.

Wear Deodorant? You Have More Armpit Bacteria Than Antiperspirant Users

Kate Horowitz

It's not necessarily a bad thing.

3D GIF Shows How the Human Brain Folds During Development

Andrew LaSane

They say the 3D gel model mimics what happens as the fetal human brain expands.

This Baby Nessie Tea Infuser Makes Tea Time Adorable

Rebecca OConnell

This tea infuser transforms your mug into a miniature Loch Ness.

8 Quirky Locations Dedicated to UFO Sightings

Rebecca OConnell

Texas has an alien pilot grave.