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'Monopoly: The Musical' is Headed for Broadway

Jake Rossen

Rich Uncle Pennybags is about to get a whole lot richer.

Chameleons Use Super Sticky Spit to Nab Heavy Food

Shaunacy Ferro

The color-changing reptile's prey can weigh up to almost a third of its body weight.

The Canadian Space Agency Is Hiring

Kate Horowitz

Candidates have to be exceptionally smart, experienced, and healthy. They also have to be super nice, because, well, Canada.

Two Belgian Hospitals Hire Robots as Medical Receptionists

Kirstin Fawcett

The "Pepper" bots, which can reportedly "understand" human emotions, will interact with patients.

Hasbro Gives Chewbacca Mom Her Own Star Wars Action Figure

Andrew LaSane

The one-of-a-kind toy was made in the super fan's likeness.

Today's Biggest Bargains on Amazon

Smart Shopping Team

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, June 20.

10 Ice Cream Sodas You Can Make at Home

Gwendolyn Purdom

America's Main Streets are no longer lined with charming soda fountains, but the refreshing desserts can easily be made at home.

Retrobituary: Margaret Vinci Heldt, Creator of the Beehive Hairdo

Michele Debczak

Just like the decade it came to represent, the beehive was revolutionary.

If You Exercise After Learning Something, You May Remember It Better

Shaunacy Ferro

A new study suggests a link between aerobic exercise and learning.

11 Quirks of Early Commercial Air Travel

Presented by Boeing.

This Biohacker Is Developing DIY Kits to Grow Human Tissue at Home

Kate Horowitz

Biohacker Andrew Pelling grows ears in the lab and loves looking through other people’s garbage, but don’t worry, ‘It’s not some creepy thing.’

(Another) 9 Outrageous Movie Theories You Didn’t See Coming

Rudie Obias

Is Dorothy actually The Wicked Witch of the East?

The Pro Wrestler Who Fought Segregation in 1950s Memphis

Jake Rossen

"Sputnik" Monroe drew record crowds for his matches—and insisted they not be separated by race.

Cut Down On Waste With These Edible, Flavored Drinking Cups

Michele Debczak

Dispose of these cups by snacking on them.

Watch a Charming (and Creepy) 1968 Newsreel About a Doll Factory

Caitlin Schneider

“The whole process has a chilling, macabre tinge! It’s almost horrific the way they pop in the doll’s eyes with workaday nonchalance.”