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CONTEST: Win A Copy of Our New Game, JaLink!

Erin McCarthy

The holidays are coming early this year: We're giving away a copy of our new high-speed image association game, JaLink!

The Missing Links: Laugh 'Til You Cry

Colin Patrick

Check Out This Detail For the Steve Jobs

Physical Evidence Confirms Albert Einstein's Brain Was Superior to Yours

The Week

His brain is legendary: When TIME named Albert Einstein its Person of the Century in 1999, the magazine called the shaggy-haired physicist a "genius among geniuses," whose understanding of t

How to Build a Blue Whale Without Having Seen One: Part I

Matt Soniak

The Museum’s first whale model went on exhibit in 1908 and was 76 feet long. The model was located in the Hall of the Biology of Mammals, which closed when the Hall of Ocean Life opened.

The MythBusters/Alton Brown Experiment You Didn't See

Erin McCarthy

On last night's episode of MythBusters, co-hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman teamed up with mental_floss food columnist Alton Brown to test popular food myths.

Brain Game: Math Square #147

It's a short workweek for many Americans, but we'll start off, same as usual, with a brand new Monday Math Square as today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game challenge.

Morning Cup of Links: Twinkie Withdrawal

Miss Cellania

The Definitive Guide To Surviving Black Friday. It's easier than you may think! * Casting Live Versions of Animated Classics. If Robert Downey, Jr.

5 Questions: Potatoes or Stuffing

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Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com last week, here's what you

How We Make Pencils

Chris Higgins

The familiar No. 2 pencil is a seemingly simple object, but it's actually an exceedingly complex thing to make.

Alton Brown's Green Bean Casserole

Alton Brown

Our resident food expert dives into the relatively recent birth of green bean

Weekend Links: The 100 Best Films of World Cinema

Allison Keene

Fascinating read on the concepts of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have we always eaten them? * On Twitter this was tagged "Prepare to have your mind blown," and I didn't believe it.

What is Martial Law?

Nicholas Ferroni

After the tri-state area was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, food, gas, and power were in high demand but short supply.

17 Other Memorable Presidential Photographs

Jason English

This White House photo of President Obama doing the "not impressed" look with Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is zooming around the Internet this morning.

Weekend Links: The James Bond Super-Movie

Allison Keene

According to Slate, the greatest American screenplay was written in 1978. But the movie still hasn’t been made.