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Why Is There So Much Poop in Swimming Pools?

The Week

Who would've guessed Caddyshack would prove so prophetic?

The Cocktail Chart: The Signature Drinks of Fictional Icons

Maureen Monahan

Want to drink like your favorite character? Now you can. Pop Chart Lab has created this handy chart brimming with recipes for the signature drinks of several unforgettable characters.

David Foster Wallace's Advice for Graduates

Chris Higgins

Quiz: Troy McClure Film or Actual Terrible Movie?

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You may remember him from such hits as Christmas Ape and Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp, but how well do you remember Troy McClure’s other projects? Can you tell which of the following titles come from the filmography of Springfield’s favorite screen icon and which are the real-life dregs of IMDb?

5 Questions: Great "Scott"!

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World War I Centennial: Conrad Urges War Against Serbia

Erik Sass

Rest in Pieces: 10 Transportation Graveyards

Andrew Moseman

Where the vehicles that one took people from Point A to Point B go to die.

12 Unusual Measurements for International Metrology Day

Arallyn Primm

Every year since the centennial of the Metre Convention, May 20 has been celebrated as International Metrology Day.

For Years, Ken Butcher Was the Sole Employee of the U.S. Metric Program

Carrie Swiggum

Almost 40 years after the 1975 Metric Conversion Act, the head of the U.S. Metric Program explains why change is hard.

The Missing Links: In Defense of Spam

Colin Patrick

20 Artistic Takes on Disney Princesses

Jill Harness

Fans of Brave's heroine, Merida, have been up in arms the last week over a Disney redesign that left the princess looking skinnier, sexier, and more in line with the rest of the company’s anima

13 Ways to Know if the Government is Reading Your Email

David W Brown Marc Ambinder

In an excerpt from their new book, D.B. Grady and Marc Ambinder offer 13 ways to tell whether the government is sniffing around your inbox.

12 Words English Got from the Aztecs

Judith B Herman

The names of several familiar foods come to us from Nahautl, the language of the Aztecs. But cuisine is not the only source of English words with an Aztec background.

Can Animals Really Anticipate Natural Disasters?

Kevin Kampwirth

For centuries, anecdotal stories have circulated about animals possessing some primal sixth sense that alerts them to an imminent natural disaster, but does science back it up?

5 Other Sites Yahoo Bought

Chris Higgins