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What's Your Best Advice for College Students?

Jason English

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

6 Prehistoric Body Parts You Just Don’t See Around Anymore

Maggie Ryan Sandford

Sometimes the sheer wonder of the natural world can be overwhelming. So, at the risk of oversimplifying the following crazy-cool animals, allow us to highlight their most unusual structural features.

Why is “Weiner” Sometimes “Weener” and Sometimes “Whiner”?

Arika Okrent

10 Amazing Things Your Ashes Can Do After You Die

Amanda Green

Ashes to ashes, dust to ... vinyl? Here are 10 ways to give cremains a life after death.

5 Questions: Asia

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The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 111

7 of John Adams' Greatest Insults

Mark Mancini

John Adams had a reputation for articulate jabs and razor-sharp put-downs at the expense of his rivals and allies alike.

Make Your Walls Smarter With These Rock Stars of Science Posters

Jamie Spatola

It’s so cliché having posters and photos of musicians on your walls; your walls could be smarter if they sported some rock stars of science, instead.

The Missing Links: Books You Lie About Reading

Colin Patrick

8 Wonderfully Creative Crochet Projects

Miss Cellania

9 Directors Who Remade Their Own Films

Rudie Obias

Remaking classic films for modern audiences is nothing new, but it seems as if Hollywood studios are churning out more remakes than originals every year.

You Might Be Able to Regenerate Your Finger, Bone and All

Will McGough

Amputees will be glad to learn that we might not have to be jealous of a lizard’s ability to regrow its tail much longer.

7 Famous Songs Written in Less Than a Day

Erik van Rheenen

Here's a tip of the cap to seven speed demon songwriters who whipped up some of their biggest hits in a matter of hours.

What Happens to Your Luggage if You Survive a Plane Crash?

The Week

Be sure to leave your paintings and priceless manuscripts at home.