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5 Questions: "Whip" It!

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5 Strange Movie Terms—Explained!

DeAnna Kerley

Here are five storytelling terms to store away for movie trivia night.

What 11 Popular Zoo Animals Taste Like

Mark Mancini

Have you ever visited the local zoo and found yourself wondering how a juicy hunk of boiled penguin breast might taste?

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

The Missing Links: Hidden Video Game Characters

Colin Patrick

A Guide to Scoring Figure Skating at the Olympics

Jessica Bloustein Marshall

Have you been watching the figure skating competition at the Olympics and wondering what the heck is going on? Why isn't anyone getting 6.0 scores any more?

Inside the Criterion Film Restoration Lab

Chris Higgins

4 Surprising Things Facebook Has Learned From Your Relationship Status

Arika Okrent

While many of the results match up with our expectations, not everything was so obvious.

A Pre-SNL Version of Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker

Jason English

Second City shared an early version of Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker, who Chris Farley made famous on SNL.

11 Times Video Games Led to Lawsuits

Rudie Obias

Lawsuits against video game developers and publishers usually arise from copyright infringement, plagiarism, or, in some cases, wrongful death.

Morning Cup of Links: Alternative Uses for Honey

Miss Cellania

Are Humans Still Getting Taller?

Hannah Keyser

You've probably noticed, either from museum exhibits or visits to colonial houses, that humans these days are generally taller than we used to be.

5 Questions: "Hall" Monitors

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9 Controversial Experiments In Rewilding

Joy Lanzendorfer

Rewilding is an effort to bring species back to their native habitats, even if they haven’t lived there for thousands of years. The idea isn’t just to preserve an ecosystem, but to go back in time.

The Time a Giant LEGO Man Washed Up on Dutch Shores

Hannah Keyser

No, it's not some creative new marketing campaign for The LEGO Movie.