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10 Fun Firefly Facts

Bryan Dugan

No summer evening is complete without watching—and sometimes catching—fireflies.

The 1909 Road Trip That Proved Women Could Drive

the mag

Polite society told Alice Huyler Ramsey that women shouldn’t drive. So she motored across the country to prove them wrong.

Do Records Really Sound Warmer Than CDs?

Will McGough

We’ve all no doubt heard the countless claims about how vinyl simply sounds “better” and “warmer” than today’s digital music.

5 Questions: It's Electrifying!

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The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 112

Mark Arminio

The Missing Links: Let the Word Nerd Wars Begin

Colin Patrick

Orchids: Masters of Plant Pareidolia

Miss Cellania

8 People Who Were Banned from Baseball

Ethan Trex

Plenty of other stars have gotten the permanent heave-ho from the big leagues.

The Puns Are Intended In These Prints!

Jamie Spatola

Floss:Handmade July 2013 2 of 3 - Your Walls Should Be Smarter - Kate Gabrielle's PunsIntended Prints

Coffee in Its Natural Habitat

Chris Higgins

11 Things You Might Not Know About Colorado

Amanda Green

It's August 1, and you know what that means. Your rent is due. Also, Colorado was admitted to the Union 137 years ago today!

12 Onomatopoeias from Around the World

Arika Okrent

Other languages have their own ways of representing sounds in the world, too.

Why Are Potato Chip Bags Always Half-Empty?

Roma Panganiban

As disappointing as it can be to tear into a bag of Lay’s to find empty air where your afternoon snack should be, that extra space in the package is there for a reason.

How to Walk Across Hot Coals

A bed of embers can exceed 1000°F, and the world’s hottest firewalk in 1997 actually topped 1750°F—the same temperature used for cremations.

5 Questions: Don't "Flake" Out

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