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26 Bizarre Animal Mating Habits

Jason English

We're giving the people what they want: giraffe sex.

Listen to the Lost Voice of Rudolph Valentino

Meg Boeni

Though he was only 31 when he died, the Italian-born first sex symbol of the silver screen acted in and produced over 40 films.

16 Quotes About Writing for Children

Adrienne Crezo

Wednesday is New Comics Day

Rich Barrett

Every Wednesday, I highlight the five most exciting comic releases of the week. The list may include comic books, graphic novels, digital comics and webcomics.

7 Things Historical Women Wore Under Their Skirts

Therese Oneill

A brief history!

How Perfecting Bug Spray Could Save Millions of Lives

Liana Aghajanian

Neurobiologist Leslie B. Vosshall has a different solution for stopping the insects and the spread of disease.

What Causes “Old Person Smell”?

Matt Soniak

Reader Sarah writes in to ask, “What is it that causes that distinctive 'old person' smell? Whatever it is, it seems to be common to all elderly people.

16 Words That Are Much Older Than They Seem

Arika Okrent

Every generation likes to think it invented slang anew, but often the latest words are actually very old.

The Onion or Springfield Shopper?

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They're two of our finest sources for fictional news. Can you tell which of these are headlines from The Onion, and which are from the local paper on The Simpsons?

5 Questions: Who's on "First"?

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62 of the World's Most Beautiful Libraries

Jill Harness

For the last couple years, Jill Harness has been rounding up the world's most beautiful libraries by continent. Here they are all in one place, in no particular order.

The Late Movies: A Soundtrack for Prince William and Kate Middleton

Erica Palan

4 Stories of Everyday Royals

the mag

While the masses coo at Kate’s dresses and wink at Harry’s antics, there’s a world of colorful royalty that never makes the tabloids.

The Missing Links: The Hand That Moves the Muppet

Colin Patrick

The Terrible Weather on 6 Exoplanets

Erik Sofge

Of the more than 900 exoplanets discovered to date—planets outside our solar system—none, not a single one, appears to be a nice place to visit or live.