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10 Adult Spins on Kid Classics

Why Coffee, Cigarettes and Booze Can Be Good For You

Ransom Riggs

Recently, a couple of surprising studies have turned the tables -- albeit in an admittedly minor way -- on the conventional wisdom about smoking, boozing, and drinking coffee.

Morning Cup of Links: Princess Heroes

Miss Cellania

The 5 Strangest Things Evolution Left in Your Body. The human body has extra features that we don't use, but our ancestors needed a long, long time ago.

The Late Movies: Wendy's Training Videos

Chris Higgins

You're in for a treat tonight. Below, I've collected a series of vintage Wendy's training videos, all apparently from the 80's.

The Quick 10: 10 Works of Post-it Art

Stacy Conradt

Who says you need expensive materials to make art? Other than a somewhat flat surface, all you really need are a few hundred of that denizen of office supply cabinets everywhere: the Post-it Note.

How to Scare a Speedy Driver

Colin Patrick

When I was a kid my family visited the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in Myrtle Beach.

At the Libraries: Bookshelf Porn

Miss Kathleen

Every Wednesday, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.

Cure Homesickness With a mental_floss Care Package

Mangesh & Jason

Got a homesick student or soldier? If the pizza box doesn't bring a smile to their face, the stuff inside surely will!

TV-Holic: Still on Gilligan’s Island

Kara Kovalchik

Last month we took you on a three-hour tour (give or take) of Gilligan's Island. But there's so much more to tell! Just sit right back and you'll find out where the S.S.

A 117-Year-Old Piece of Cheese

Chris Higgins

Clare Burson owns a piece of cheese that's 117 years old (pictured at left). It has survived wars, crossed continents, and now resides in her apartment in New York, sealed in a glass jar.

Root (or boot) all 32 NFL teams

Coming Thursday: Woody's Winners for Week 1! In the meantime, mental_floss has your football fix right here.

Dietribes: Banana Rama

Allison Keene

• "In recorded history, bananas date back to around 600 B.C.E., when they were mentioned in Buddhist texts.

A Short History of Emergency Broadcast Systems

David K. Israel


True Plastic Friendship

Jill Harness

What's a tortoise rescue operation to do when one lonely tortoise is picked on and shunned by all of the other residents?

Brain Game: Really, Really Bad Rebus #17

I was surprised to see it had been six months since we last presented a Really, Really Bad Rebus for the Brain Game. "That soon?" you're asking. Good luck:  Click here to see the sol