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Interspecies Yawns

Chris Higgins

11 Words and Phrases From <em>Downton Abbey</em> Season Three

Angela Tung

As we've been following the trials and tribulations of the Granthams, Angela Tung of Wordnik has been collecting interesting terms from the show.

Weekend Links: Cheesy Pick-Up Lines Involving Kale

Roma Panganiban

Parrots and Horses Reveal their Musical Preferences

Jill Harness

From classical and country to dub step and smooth jazz, humans have some drastically different opinions on music.

Weekend Links: Harry Potter Gets a Makeover

Roma Panganiban

Recreating a 1900-Year-Old Glass Fish

Chris Higgins

Friday Happy Hour: What's the Cutest Baby Animal You've Ever Seen?

Erin McCarthy

The Missing Links: Confounding Fortunes

Colin Patrick

How a Charm Bracelet Inspired the Monopoly Tokens

Stacy Conradt

No doubt you’ve heard that the Internet elected a new token to the Monopoly lineup—and it’s a cat.

5 Unusual Types of Yarn

Caisey Robertson

Clothing has to come from somewhere, and any seasoned knitter or crochet fanatic knows that the fibers your yarn is made from make a big difference when it comes to quality of the product.

The Last Time a (Really Big) Meteor Hit Russia

Erik Sass

In late 1908, the scientific community in St.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

WATCH: Amazing Footage of Russia's Meteorite Crashes

The Week

The Ural Mountains were shaken by some pretty dramatic explosions on Friday, as a meteorite burst in midair and showered Russia with the remnants.

Are Snails Born With Shells?

Kaitlyn Boettcher

Snails are objects of fascination for kids playing outside. Lucky for the snails, they have their hard shells to protect them from children and predators alike.

Brain Game: A Sticky Situation

Sandy Wood