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11 Titanic References Tested Against History

Bryan Dugan

One hundred and one years ago yesterday, the Titanic set sail for America.

11 Book Burning Stories That Will Break Your Heart

Kathy Benjamin

A warning to all bibliophiles: reading this might hurt.

50 Weird Laws Still on the Books

Jason English

Some surprisingly illegal activities, such as playing BINGO (for longer than 5 hours) and using Silly String.

11 Sandwiches Named After Famous People

Jennifer M Wood

Hungry? Stuff a Scott Baio in your mouth.

The Secret Origins of 11 Famous Video Games

Rick Marshall

Secret origins aren't just for superheroes in need of a good backstory.

11 Rejected Canadian Flag Designs

Adrienne Crezo

When Canada adopted its flag in the mid-1960s, 2,136 of the submitted designs contained a maple leaf. Another 389 featured beavers.

11 Great Geeky Umbrellas

Jill Harness

11 "Schoolhouse Rock!" Hits

Chris Higgins

11 Strange and Wonderful Shakespeare Adaptations

Mark Mancini

April 23rd is National Talk Like Shakespeare Day.

11 Totally Redundant Place Names

Arika Okrent

The Pendle in Pendle Hill is derived from Pen-hyll, a combination of the Cumbric word for hill and the Old English word for hill. So Pendle Hill is really Hill Hill Hill. Here are 11 others like that.

Hyperlapse Videos

Chris Higgins

11 More Words That Are Their Own Opposites

Judith B Herman

Every month on the 11th, we do 11 lists of 11. Judith B. Herman gets us started a day early.

The Missing Links: Auditions That Launched Careers

Colin Patrick

A Sea Lion that Dances to the Backstreet Boys

The Week

UC Santa Cruz researchers say Ronan is the first mammal to successfully get funky

Artistic Takes on 9 Classic Fairy Tales

Jill Harness

We’re all familiar with the classic Disney and Brothers Grimm versions of fairy tales, but with a little artistic skill and imagination, it’s amazing how drastically these tales can change—at least vi