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7 Fugitives who Became Folk Heroes

Miss Cellania

Last week, in the wake of the arrest of Colton Harris-Moore and his surprising internet fandom, we took a look at what made some criminals into folk heroes in the manner of the legendary Robin Hood.

Font Wars

David K. Israel

I saw this photo over on passiveaggressivenotes.com today and thought to myself: I wonder if you  _flossers would find it as amusing as I do.

Brain Game: Breaker! Breaker!

Thanks for playing the Tuesday Brain Game. Enjoy: Six major-league sports teams currently in the "big four" (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) have names with the initials C.B.

Tales of Mere Existence

Ransom Riggs

If you haven't seen this awesomely droll series of short animations, now's your chance.

Morning Cup of Links: Animals in War

Miss Cellania

Top Secret America. Homeland security, counterterrorism, and spying have grown so much in the past nine years that the result "amounts to an alternative geography of the United States".

Food in Disguise

Jill Harness

Nothing like a thick, flavorful steak, especially when it's a vegan-friendly dessert. Wondering how that happens?

The Late Movies: Old Blues Songs That'll Give You Chills

Ransom Riggs

I don't meet many people who are passionate about the blues.

Eating Away at Cancer

Chris Higgins

In this TED Talk, William Li talks about how blood vessels grow -- and how eating different foods affects cancer growth.

Vitamin D and the Brain

Meghan Holohan

During the Industrial Revolution, as more children started growing up in cities, physicians noticed a new disease, which weakened children's bones so they were no stronger than cartilage.

Why Do Coins Make Your Hands Smell Funny?

Matt Soniak

A lot of people assume that it's just the way that coins smell, and the odor is rubbing off on their hands, but you're not smelling the metal so much as you're smelling yourself.

The Number of the Day: 6.6 Million

Colin Patrick

During the most recent television season, Judge Judy averaged 6.6 million viewers per day, making her the top rated daytime show on television.

Go Mad Men Yourself

Jill Harness

Ever wonder what a cartoon version of yourself would look like decked out in 60's garb a la Mad Men?

I Suppose a Room With a Balcony is out of the Question

Colin Patrick

Even in 2010, the idea of a fully-functional underwater community seems like a super futuristic and ridiculously impossible sci-fi dream.

8 People With "Real" Superpowers

David K. Israel

We all dream of having some superpower to help navigate life. For instance, I've always wanted to be able to read peoples' minds.

Brain Game: Math Square #33

The nine white squares inside the main red grid should be filled with the digits 1 through 9. Each digit should appear only once in this main grid. One of these numbers is already provided for you.