Neanderthal vs. Cro-Magnon: What's the Difference?

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The Dilemma: At a cocktail party, a nasty brute spills a drink on you. You'd like to compare his manners to those of a more primitive hominid. But which would be more insulting?

5 Questions: Mesdames, I'm "Adams"

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Why Do Our Best Ideas Come to Us in the Shower?

Lucas Reilly

The shower creates the perfect conditions for a creative flash, coaxing out your inner genius.

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 117

Mark Arminio

Trailer Thursday: Peeples, Aftershock and Gatsby, Old Sport!

Stacy Conradt

17 of the World’s Oldest Films, Captured by Thomas Edison

Lucas Reilly

Here are some of Edison’s best oldies, from the first recording of a kiss to the greatest cat video on the internet.

A Short History of the Apple

Miss Cellania

The Missing Links: Don't Hit the Road, Jack

Colin Patrick

46 State Fairs and What Makes Them Special

Lauren Zumbach

Here's what you’ll find at state fairs across the country.

The Manhattan Project Bomb You Haven't Heard Of

Anne Wheeler

Why haven’t you heard of Thin Man? Well, it never saw the light of day.

Sesame Street: The Saxophone Factory

Chris Higgins

How Does a Celebrity Get a Star on the Walk of Fame?

Alexis Hauk

The process of getting a star is actually more complicated than you might think.

How to Fight a Rip Tide

Getting caught in a rip current is no day at the beach. But it doesn’t have to ruin your vacation. With a few easy steps, you can slip out of a rip tide and get back to working on that tan.

Who Said It: NFL Coach or Dictator?

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Football coaches can sound a little scary, with their militaristic talk of marching down the field and annihilating the enemy. In fact, it can almost sound like listening to some kind of brutal dictator. Can you tell which quotes came from an NFL coach and which came from a dictator?

Watch Steve Jobs Prep for His First TV Interview

Adrienne Crezo

"I'm deathly ill, actually, and ready to throw up at any moment."