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Roy Chapman Andrews: A Real Life Indiana Jones

Kaitlyn Boettcher

Since the '80s, one name has been synonymous with adventure: Indiana Jones.

The Missing Links: The Voice of Houdini

Colin Patrick

How to Buy a New Computer (in 1993)

Chris Higgins

10 Old-Fashioned Swears to Spice up Your Cussin'

Arika Okrent

Taboos against what we would consider pretty mild exclamations led swearers of years past to come up with creative substitutions, and they've left their mark on our vocabulary.

Hitting the Road: The 3 Men Behind Combustion Engines

Kristen Hall-Geisler

There are three fathers of invention when it comes to nearly every car on the road today: Otto, Diesel, and Atkinson.

The Senate’s Sweetest Secret

Roma Panganiban

A U.S.

Coming Up Tort: 8 Crazy Pop Culture Lawsuits

Amanda Green

Swimming pools, fancy cars, and a lawyer on speed dial — they're all the trappings of fame. Sometimes when notable people fight the law, we all win.

Why Do Cicadas Spend So Much Time Underground?

Matt Soniak

In 1996, the cicadas of Brood II (the “East Coast Brood”) swarmed the northeastern United States and then disappeared almost as quickly as they came, leaving only their eggs and molted exoskeletons be

22 Games of Chess in Fantasy and Science Fiction

David W Brown

The game of kings is a mainstay of science fiction and fantasy. Sometimes it’s on screen or on the page, and sometimes it's an influencing factor. Here are 22 famous examples.

5 Questions: "Pent"ultimate

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Let Yourself Go: Classic Dance Routines

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: The World's Coolest Libraries

Roma Panganiban

Blowing Bubblegum Bubbles in Slo-Mo

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: Happy Birthday, Spider-Man

The Late Movies: Andrew Lloyd Webber's Hits

Erica Palan