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5 Tyrants Who Died Relatively Peaceful Deaths (and 5 Who Weren't So Lucky)

Erik Sass

According to Herodotus, when the Athenian lawgiver Solon visited Croesus, the fabulously wealthy king of Lydia, Croesus -- showing off his riches and sumptuous palace -- asked Solon who the happiest m

The Mental Floss Trivia Show Is Coming to Cincinnati!

Mangesh & Jason

Attention knowledge junkies and people who like to leave their house to drink and win stuff! We're bringing the Trivia Show to Cincinnati on Tuesday, November 1.

1987 Matthew Perry Sitcom Predicted Qaddafi's 2011 Death

Jason English

Before he was Carol Seaver's boyfriend on Growing Pains (and that Friends thing), Matthew Perry was in a series called Second Chance.

13 Peaceful Protests and Whether They Worked

Oliver Noble

© Julie Dermansky/Julie Dermansky/Corbis The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have been going on for over a month.

13 Awesome Miniatures

David K. Israel

Seattle-based writer, photographer, filmmaker and artist, Christopher Boffoli creates amazingly creative miniatures using people and food. Here are 13 that I've curated.

The MLB Journeyman Quiz

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In honor of Arthur Rhodes -- making his first World Series appearance with the St. Louis Cardinals after playing for eight other teams over 20 seasons -- we bring you a quiz about those baseball players who can't seem to stick in one place for very long. Get all the journeyman questions right and we'll see about not cutting or trading you in the offseason.

Six Seriously Spooky Cemetery Stories

Miss Cellania

It's that time of year, when we look to graveyards for tales that scare the dickens out of us.

Brain Game: Beaner Nest

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game offers a Think Thursday challenge that brings back memories for me.

Morning Cup of Links: Losing and Gaining Weight

Miss Cellania

Eight people lived in Biosphere 2, a self-contained ecosystem, from 1991-1993 and lost a bunch of weight in what was supposed to be a healthy, if restricted, diet.

5 Questions: Simply Del-ightful!

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The Late Movies: 13 Carnivorous Plants Eating Insects...and More

Chris Higgins

Tonight, prepare to be a little grossed out: videos of carnivorous plants eating stuff. Not for the faint of heart! Sundew vs.

How the Rangers and Cardinals Got Their Nicknames

Jason English

Scott Allen can't tell you who's going to win the World Series. But his 2010 self can tell you where the participants' names came from. St. Louis Cardinals In 1899, the St.

5 Interesting Tributes to Ronald Reagan

Stacy Conradt

Ronald Reagan on Mount Rushmore? Absolutely, if Grover Norquist has his way.

Ohio's Position on Exotic Animal Ownership

Colin Patrick

As an Ohio resident, I can say that we have some really great things to offer tourists – beautiful lakes, wonderful cuisine, professional sports, world famous amusement parks, and even an upcoming men

Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice

Chris Higgins

"The official dogma ['of all Western societies'] runs like this: if we are interested in maximizing the welfare of our citizens, the way to do that is to maximize individual freedom.