Handmade Pencil Pouches You Won't Find Just Anywhere

Jamie Spatola

Floss:Handmade Back-to-School Edition 1/3

7 Birthday Traditions from Around the World

Will McGough

Many cultures have long-standing traditional ways to celebrate birthdays that don’t involve a sugar rush.

The Missing Links: The Most Dangerous Amusement Park Ever

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22 Vintage Popular Science Covers That Outlined the Future

Lucas Reilly

Since 1872, Popular Science has been on the cutting edge. From the fanciful to the dead-on, here are some of their most enjoyable covers.

Monkeys Use Mosquito Repellent, Too

Matt Soniak

scientists working with capuchin monkeys in South America had often seen the monkeys grabbing certain types of millipedes, crushing them and then massaging the dead insects into their fur.

Ochre Jelly's LEGO Memes

Miss Cellania

The Globemaker

Chris Higgins

Telecommunications in the 1990s, According to 1969

Adrienne Crezo

In the 1960s, much effort was made to predict technologies of the future. They weren't always this accurate.

10 Magnificent European Museums

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We previously looked at beautiful libraries from across the globe, but if you’re looking to expand your travels to educational locales with beautiful architecture, you may also consider traveling to t

What's the Origin of the Phrase "Run Amok"?

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If you've ever found yourself using the phrase “run amok” and wondered, “What’s an ‘amok’?” look no further, because here’s your answer.

How to Survive Without Water

Stuck in the wilderness with nary a drop of water in your canteen? Don’t worry. You can survive this situation and live to tell an incredibly interesting tale.

5 Questions: A Perfect "Match"

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The Late Movies: Codefellas

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World War I Centennial: Peace Palace Opens

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5 Animals Disguised as Other Animals

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I am lion, hear me bark.