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Meet the Tadpole with Teeth

Matt Soniak

In 2008, an international team of scientists was trudging through the forests of Vietnam’s Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park when they found a frog they didn’t recognize.

30 Things Turning 30 This Year

Chris Higgins Adrienne Crezo

1983 was a banner year for American culture. If you're turning 30 this year, you're not alone—here are 30 things to celebrate with.

Does Hand Sanitizer Actually Work?

the mag

Good news, sanitizer fans: Those gels and foams do quite a number on the critters crawling on your skin.

T-Shirt Sale for Pi Day!

Erin McCarthy

10 Pies for Pi Day

Miss Cellania

Here are some wonderful Pi Day pies you might try this year.

Einstein's Design for a Fridge to Last 100 Years

Roma Panganiban

After establishing the theory of relativity as a founding principle of modern physics, Albert Einstein turned his thoughts to higher matters: home appliances.

Morning Cup of Links: Why Pope Francis Picked That Name

Miss Cellania

5 Questions: "Pi", Pi Again

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Starting at Midnight, Shop our Pi Day Sale!

Erin McCarthy

Microcosmos: Extreme Closeups of Nature

Chris Higgins

8 Short-Lived TV Shows That Should Use Crowd Funding to Make a Movie

Rudie Obias

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a film adaptation of the series; it raised $1 million in under 5 hours.

Operation Migration: Saving the Whooping Crane

Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis runs the popular daily newsletter Now I Know ("Learn Something New Every Day, By Email"). We've invited him to share some of his stories on mental_floss this week.

SXSW: The Myth of the Lone Inventor

Erin McCarthy

When we imagine the creation of an object, be it a light bulb or an iPad, we typically imagine a sole inventor, toiling away in a room to build it. But it's never that simple.

The Missing Links: The Movie Set Museum

Colin Patrick

How Do They Make the Pope Smoke?

Matt Soniak

When the Catholic cardinals meet to pick a new pope in the “papal conclave,” they’re sequestered in the Sistine Chapel so that their deliberations aren’t influenced by the outside world and that their