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Morning Cup of Links


12 Facts About Carol Channing For Her 95th Birthday

Suzanne Raga

Give her an old trombone, give her an old baton! Carol Channing has never let the parade pass her by.

How To Drink Your Own Urine (Spoiler: It Involves Filtration)

Chris Higgins

Hey, let's pee in a science bag and then drink it!

15 Facts About 'The Critic' That Don't Stink

Roger Cormier

Hachi machi!

'Social Robots' May One Day Help Your Doctor

Autumn Spanne

Meet Nadine. She says she's "completely self-aware."

15 Uses for a Binder Clip That Don't Involve Paper

Kirstin Fawcett

The humble office supply can help you eat, knit, pack, and, well, live with greater efficiency.

How They Found the World's Biggest Prime Number

Chris Higgins

Here's how mathematicians test numbers to see if they're prime.

The Romans May Have Flooded the Colosseum for Aquatic Gladiator Battles

Anna Green

It turns out that just throwing fighters into an arena and watching them go at it might not have been enough for the Romans.

Make Realistic-Looking LEGO Cake Bites

Rebecca OConnell

Cake you can build with.

10 Facts About the Beatles' Final Rooftop Show

Nick Keppler

On January 30, 1969, at lunch time, The Beatles appeared on the rooftop of their record label’s headquarters, unannounced, and started performing.

Two Minutes on an Arctic Expedition

Chris Higgins

Be glad you're not spending five months on sea ice—these folks are.

7 Sundance Films You’ll Be Hearing About in 2016

Eric D Snider

The average moviegoer will never hear of most of the movies that premiered in Park City this year. These are not those films.

CIA Posts Declassified UFO Documents from Its “X-Files”

Rudie Obias

The truth is out there—no, really!

25 Things You Should Know About Copenhagen

Jeff Wells

Even if you know Tivoli Gardens from Bakken, we're willing to bet a few kroner there's still a lot you haven't heard about Denmark's capital city.

Everything We Know About Harry Potter's 4 New Wizarding Schools

Erin McCarthy

J.K. Rowling continues to expand the Harry Potter universe ahead of the November release of the spin-off movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The Surprisingly Scientific Origins of Your Car’s Air Freshener

Kate Horowitz

Little Trees can trace their roots to a grumbling milkman, a thoughtful chemist, and a whole lot of Canadian conifers.