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Chickens Are Much, Much Smarter Than They Look

Kate Horowitz

Scientist Lori Marino says the farmyard fowl are “vastly underrated.”

LEGO BOOST Brings Toys to Life by Teaching Kids How to Code

Jay Serafino

LEGO is teaching kids to program their own movable, talking toys.

Yes, These Super Nintendo Sneakers Are Real

Jennifer M Wood

And yes, those buttons are pressable.

30 Memorable Hayao Miyazaki Quotes

Jennifer M Wood

“Life is a winking light in the darkness.”

The Most Popular Netflix Show in Each State

Michele Debczak

See what people are binge-watching in your part of the country.

11 Geeky Soaps to Level Up Your Hygiene

Rebecca OConnell

Getting clean has never been so much fun.

Having a Shower Beer? There's Now a Specific Brew For That

Rebecca OConnell

Any beer could be a shower beer, but these are ultra-efficient. Suds included.

Morning Cup of Links: Ice-Skating Dandies

Miss Cellania

These links are a great way to start your day!

Unlock the Time-Saving Power of Your Keyboard's Function Keys

Kirstin Fawcett

Unlock your keyboard's full potential.

5 Questions: Everyone Knows It's Windy

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Why There Are So Many Towns Across North America

Shaunacy Ferro

It’s all about how long it takes people to get to their nearest town, and what’s around that town.

From Test Tube to Tavern: London Craft Brewery Uses DNA Testing to Create Bespoke Beer

Kirstin Fawcett

Customers pay nearly $31,000 to create a beer that appeals to their individual flavor profile.

15 Uses for Obsolete Technology

Jake Rossen

Why toss your old CRT computer monitor when it's a perfectly good kitty condo waiting to happen?

11 Weirdly Spelled Words—And How They Got That Way

Arika Okrent

Why is English spelling so messed up?

Here's What a Neanderthal's Voice Might Have Sounded Like

Kate Horowitz

Less grunting, more hoarse screaming.