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10 Facts You Might Not Know About Olive Garden

Nicole Garner

Unlimited salad and breadsticks, coming right up.

Install a Living Beehive in Your Home

Michele Debczak

Here's the conversation piece you've been looking for.

This Taiwanese City Is Replacing an Old Mall With a Lagoon

Shaunacy Ferro

And an artificial beach!

11 Ingenious Ways to Make Your Next Flight Fly By

Long flights aren’t exactly the highlight of any vacation, but there are some simple tricks to make them easier and more comfortable.

Do Tortoises Like Being Petted?

Kate Horowitz

The massive reptiles lean into human touch like overgrown, leathery cats.

11 Spellbinding Facts About 'The Witches'

Garin Pirnia

When Roald Dahl, Jim Henson, and Nicolas Roeg combined forces, movie magic happened.

Morning Cup of Links: The 'Star Wars' Prequels Weren't All Bad

Miss Cellania

Some great links from all over!

What Are Those Dark-Green Mailboxes That Don't Accept Mail?

Nick Greene

Your mail carrier relies on these boxes (and thieves love them).

Trick Your Brain Into Seeing This Black-and-White Photo In Color

Michele Debczak

There's some neat science behind this freaky trick.

The Epic Facial Hair of the Forefathers of the National Parks

Caitlin Schneider

These men stayed impressively groomed while championing for wildlife preservation.

The Right Stuff(ing): 11 Variations on the Turducken

Stacy Conradt

Definitely NSFV (Not Safe for Vegetarians).

Soon You’ll Be Able to Charge Your Phone Just By Walking

Anna Green

A new tech company called SolePower wants to harness the energy in every step you take.

Artist Paints Beautiful Submerged Murals on Icebergs

Andrew LaSane

These temporary murals are meant to draw attention to climate change.

Easy-Bake Evolution: 50 Years of Cakes, Cookies, and Gender Politics

The story of the much beloved toy that's been a hit since day one.

11 Brilliant Gifts for the Harry Potter Fan in Your Life

Erin McCarthy

These presents are so magical, they’ll have wizards and Muggles alike crying “Accio gifts!”