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Watch Hundreds of Stingrays Swim Together in a Group off Florida's Coast

Kirstin Fawcett

Fun fact: A group or collection of stingrays is referred to as a "fever."

6 Common Misconceptions About Eggs

Presented by Nellie's.

Rare Tolkien Map Will Be on View to the Public for Just One Day

Shaunacy Ferro

The Tolkien-annotated map of Middle-earth by illustrator Pauline Baynes was just discovered in 2015.

8 Smart Steps to Take to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

Presented by Allstate.

Increased Demand for Avocados Inspires a Crime Wave in New Zealand

Anna Green

Since January alone, there have been at least 40 large-scale thefts from avocado orchards.

This Automated Dog Bone Toy Lets Fido Play While You're at Work

Kirstin Fawcett

The "smart" bone moves on wheels, and can be guided using a smartphone.

Sharks Get Stuck in Rush Hour Traffic, Too

Shaunacy Ferro

A new study reveals peak travel times for sharks around one Pacific atoll.

Barbie's Latest Title Is Game Developer

Michele Debczak

Mattel hopes the doll will "open young techies to the world of game development."

Researchers Study Using Magnets to Clean Up Oil Spills

Michele Debczak

This could make cleanup methods faster and safer.

Creepy Lucille Ball Statue May Find Long-Term Home

Andrew LaSane

The statue will be replaced with a better one, but fans will probably still be able to visit the original nearby.

A $6 Bottle of Wine Just Won Big at an International Competition

Michele Debczak

Proof that you don't need to pay a lot for a great glass of vino.

Wi-Fi System Lets Parents Control How Much Time Kids Spend Online

Anna Green

You can even disconnect individual devices (say, your son's tablet) at the touch of a button.

Columbia’s New Clothing Tags Double as Wilderness Survival Tools

Anna Green

The stainless steel tags transform into miniature sewing kits, fishing hooks, handsaws, sextants, sun dials, and water purifiers.

6 Pro Sports Teams That Considered Moving to Las Vegas

Nick Greene

Sin City has been waiting a long time for a pro team to call its own.

Why Are Some Birds So Smart? Their Brains Are Neurally Dense

Kate Horowitz

A new study found that bird brains pack a lot of brain cells per square inch.