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Morning Cup of Links


Repaint the Smithsonian Collection With This Coloring Book

Rebecca OConnell

Sharpen your colored pencils and your redecorating chops.

New Pun-Based Card Game Will Shuffle Your Boredom

Rudie Obias

[Insert bad pun here.]

Build Your Own Tiny Dinosaur Skeletons With This DIY Kit

Anna Green

It's like having a tiny museum display at home.

This Video Explains How Every Adam Sandler Movie Is Connected

Andrew LaSane

The Sandlerverse is real.

11 Fluffy Facts About Chow Chows

Rebecca OConnell

Learn more about what’s under all that fur.

Yet Another Reason Why the Moon Landing Wasn't Faked: Math

Caitlin Schneider

An Oxford University researcher has developed an equation to debunk some of the world's biggest conspiracy theories.

Street Artists Plan Murals for Historic WWII Sea Forts

Andrew LaSane

The entire process will be documented in a film and coffee table book.

Finish These Food-Related Expressions

Take the quiz!

The Next Trend in Fitness Wearables: Analyzing Your Sweat

Shaunacy Ferro

Berkeley researchers are developing a wearable that can monitor your sweat for dehydration and more.

Scientists Say Chronic Pain Can Alter DNA

Kate Horowitz

Researchers have found evidence that prolonged exposure to pain can alter DNA in the brain and immune system.

19 People Who Won Oscars For Their First Movie

Amanda Green

For a very select group of filmmakers, one's first "big break" has ended in Oscar glory.

Do Skunks Know They Stink?

Jake Rossen

What happens when a skunk sprays another skunk? We asked the one man who would know.

Portland Is Getting Shareable Bikes That Can Be Locked Up Anywhere

Michele Debczak

The communications, payment, and tracking technology is built in.

7 Smart Tips for Writing a Proper—and Professional—Thank You Note

Sara Morrow

The Play That Gave Us the Word 'Robot'

Erin Blakemore

Humans have long been obsessed with the idea of man-like machines they could dominate—or be dominated by.