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Two Contests

David K. Israel

There's still time to submit to our two latest contests! First, we're giving away a copy of Björn Türoque's new book, To Air is Human, as well as a copy of Air Guitar Nation on DVD

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous...Criminals

Mangesh & Jason

If you sell your soul to the devil, you might as well have something nice and shiny to show for it, right?

5 Things Your Car Will Finally Do In 2020

the mag

This article was written by John Brandon and originally appeared in mental_floss

F-A-C-T, Tell Me What It Means to Me

Matt Soniak

The Amazing Fact Generator has so much knowledge to share. If you haven't wandered down its way and learned a thing or two from it, it's right over here!

Today's Newsletter

Jason English

Today's newsletter had all sorts of funky formatting issues.

Documentaries I Like Interview: "Girls Rock!" Filmmakers Arne Johnson and Shane King

Chris Higgins

The new documentary Girls Rock! opens this Friday, March 7 in selected cities.

Taking Pictures of Strangers, Part II: Garry Winogrand

Ransom Riggs

Last week, I confessed my weird love of wasting film on people I don't even know (with sometimes good, usually huh?

Dietribes: The Sweet Potato

Allison Keene

I was averse to the idea of the sweet potato for many years before recently giving it another shot. But after one glorious, butter and cinnamon laden mouthful ... BAM!

March 5th, 2008

Miss Cellania

NASA released an image of the earth and the moon in one picture, as seen from Mars. Beautiful- you can even recognize South America! * 25 Brilliant Animated Short Movies.

Caption Contest #7

David K. Israel

It's back! Our ongoing caption contest resumes today with a submission from the hugely talented Mark Anderson. To repeat the rules, the idea here is quite simple: Your job is to come up wit

Feel Art Again: Review Session

Andréa Fernandes

Last Wednesday was the five-month anniversary of the first 'Feel Art Again' post on the mental_floss blog.

Brother, Can You Spare A Fact?

Matt Soniak

I hate to beg, but we need your facts again, ladies and gentlemen. If I don't meet my quota, the Amazing Fact Generator says he's gonna send a couple of goons over to break my thumbs.

Crazy Garfield Variants

Chris Higgins

The comic strip Garfield hasn't made me laugh for a long time -- but its many unauthorized spinoffs amaze me.

Where the Sidewalk(er) Ends

Ransom Riggs

We recently had the sidewalks torn up and redone in my neighborhood, and since then I've been finding lots of new sidewalk graffiti, mostly of the written-while-the-concrete-was-still-wet persuas

Calling All Grammar Snobs

Jason English

As a small percentage of you know, we have a weekly newsletter.