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The Late Movies: Guess the Theme 31

Mark Arminio

It's time once again for the game that is, given the autumnal season, raking its way across the nation: GUESS THE THEME! All the clips below having something in common.

Ferret-Down-Trousers - Something That I Hoped Wasn't Real

Chris Higgins

From the Yes, This Really Happens Department, I bring you the terrifying sport-slash-torture-ritual of Ferret Legging, also known as "put 'em down" and the much more descriptive "f

The Beatles' Bizarre Christmas Shows of 1963-64

Eddie Deezen

By the 1963 Christmas season, The Beatles were already the biggest musical stars in the history of British entertainment.

Larry David: Middle East Peacemaker?

Colin Patrick

While laughter does tend to bring people together, many people would think it certainly has its limits. Harvard Law professor – and O.J.

Quizzes on Facebook

Jason English

We're going to try out some Facebook quizzes in addition to all the regular quizzes here. This will be fun. (Not much there now, but just you

Real People in LEGO

Miss Cellania

Depicting a person we all recognize takes talent when you use a pencil or paintbrush. Doing it with LEGO blocks takes a particular kind of talent because of the restrictions inherent in the medium.

Name All The Expansion Teams Since 1976

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In the last 35 years, the four major sports leagues have expanded to adopt 29 new franchises: 6 in the MLB, 8 in the NBA, 6 in the NFL and 9 in the NHL. How many can you name in 8 minutes?

Brain Game: Not Q

A letter is all you need to solve today's Think Thursday challenge at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game. Good luck! What's the missing letter in the following group?

Morning Cup of Links: Doodles Secrets

Miss Cellania

The Secrets Behind the Google Doodle. How they became a thing, and what goes into each one of them. * Don't Call Me a Mom: Why It's Time for Women to Drop That Identity.

Will Yelp Put Restaurant Chains Out of Business?

Jill Harness

Finding great local restaurants can be a challenge. There seem to be a dozen mediocre, even bad restaurants, for every good one. That's why chains have gotten so popular in the last few decades.

5 Questions: Step on It, I'm in a "Murray"

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8 Accidental Charitable Donations

Stacy Conradt

You know how you hold on to some stupid kitchen item for like eight years, then decide that you’ve used it once and donate it to Goodwill?

The Late Movies: Math, Music, Video

Chris Higgins

Russian artist Tatiana Plakhova makes music portraits -- detailed illustrations based on the mathematical structure of music.

At the Libraries: Fictional Food

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.

Tonight: Trek Nation on Science Channel

Chris Higgins

Set your DRVs for "Trek Nation" tonight (November 30, 2011) at 8pm ET/PT on the Science Channel. If you're going to watch one documentary about Star Trek, it should be Trekkies.