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Technical Difficulties

Jason English

Right now we've got a problem with our quizzes. Our best men (not pictured) are on the case. If you need me, I'll be mindlessly hitting the refresh button until the quizzes magically

Dietribes: Cookies

Allison Keene

From the Dutch koekje (diminutive of koek, "cake") we have what we know so fondly as the cookie.

March 19th, 2008

Miss Cellania

The Top Ten Weirdest Rock and Roll Deaths.

Hofstadter Docudrama: "Victim of the Brain"

Chris Higgins

Douglas Hofstadter is the author of Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid, a now-classic work on how the mind arises from mechanical parts.

5 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About The Lottery

Floss books

Whether you call it the poor man's dream, a casino without walls, or a tax on the stupid, the lottery has deep and widespread roots. Here's a look at five stories about the numbers game.1.

Feel Art Again: "The Parting of Sea King and Princess Volhova"

Andréa Fernandes

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Vrubel, one of Russia's greatest 19-century artists.

The Facts of Life, The Facts of Life

Matt Soniak

Thanks to everyone who submitted facts last week.

Nighthawks Behind the Lens: Interview with Troy Paiva

Ransom Riggs

I frequently indulge my passions for urban exploration and photography here on the blog (here are a few examples), but the hardest thing about photographing abandoned sites is doing justice to the sen

6 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Miss Cellania

Decorating eggs is a custom that dates back before what we know as Easter was ever celebrated. Eggs are a symbol of spring, renewal, and fertility for many cultures.

Tuesday Turnip: 10 Really Tall Buildings

David K. Israel

It's time for another whimsical Tuesday Turnip search wherein I type a random phrase and we see what kind of interesting factoids "turn-up." As always with this feature, the _floss i

March 18th, 2008

Miss Cellania

Thousands of sheep died one night in 1968 in Skull Valley, Utah.

The First Time News Was Fit To Print, XXXI

Jason English

Every Monday, we venture into the archives of The New York Times to find the first time the paper covered various topics.

Apostrophe Atrophy

Chris Higgins

I'm a sucker for any hyper-specific blog about typography, grammar, even handwriting. Anything to do with words or word-nerd stuff, really.

Pictures from our Readers: Pets!

Ransom Riggs

On Friday I shared some of the stranger pictures that exist of my cat (of which there are many) and asked readers to share their weird pet pictures too. Predictably, we got a deluge of responses.

Audeo Voiceless Phone

Miss Cellania

Ambient Corporation has developed the Audeo, a neckband that picks up inaudible signals from a person's voicebox and can translate those signals into speech!