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The Scream-Powered Photo Booth

Jill Harness

From the outside, the Screamotron3000 might seem like the world's most terrifying photo booth.

The Late Movies: Fireworks Around the World

Chris Higgins

To celebrate Independence Day in the US, I've collected fireworks displays from around the world. Can't find a good fireworks show in your neighborhood?

What's the Higgs Boson and Why Do We Care?

Chris Higgins

Researchers at CERN have announced a major finding that, while they're being cautious and cagey because they're conservative people, is clearly the first observation of the Higgs boson, popu

Brain Game: Sing a Song of Brain

This week, we're remembering some of our classic mentalfloss.com Brain Game entries from years past. Wednesday's challenge: Sing a Song of

Morning Cup of Links: Hotter Than July

Miss Cellania

Ten Tips to Keep Your Cool During a Heatwave.

14 Finer Points of the U.S. Flag Code

Jamie Spatola

Tom Pennington/ The National Flag Code was adopted on June 14, 1923, by the National Flag Conference. The representatives from the U.S.

The Late Movies: Fictional Bands

Erica Palan

Do you have a song that just pops in your head sometimes? Even if you haven't heard it for weeks or months?

Why Libraries Matter: Letters to the Children of Troy, Michigan (From 1971)

Lucas Reilly

It was the spring of 1971, and the public library in Troy, Mich., was finally getting a permanent home.

The Missing Links: A One Man Tour of Rock Guitar History

Colin Patrick

Riffing on Rock History In this video Alex Chadwick of the Chicago Music Exchange flies through 100 iconic guitar riffs in just over 12 minutes. It’s amazing that he can do that.

14 Great Names for Bugs

Miss Cellania

Scientists have a sense of humor just like the rest of us. The difference is that a scientist's jokes are sometimes enshrined in the body of knowledge for eternity, or close to it.

Andy Griffith Sings the Lyrics to The Andy Griffith Show Theme Song

Stacy Conradt

Well, I'll be. Before producers of The Andy Griffith Show decided that whistling set the tone for the show, Sheriff Taylor himself recorded a version of the song with lyrics.

Pigs in Space!

Chris Higgins

Remember Pigs in Space? It was a series of sketches on The Muppet Show parodying Star Trek (and other 60s/70s space-themed TV shows), featuring the adventures of a crew of pigs aboard the Swinetrek.

Brain Game: Head Line

This week, we're remembering some of our classic mentalfloss.com Brain Game entries from years past. Tuesday's challenge: Head Line. Good

Morning Cup of Links: Politicians in High School

Miss Cellania

We're getting closer to the future, so where's your hoverboard?

The Toadstool Exchange: An Examination of 5 Video Game Currencies

David W Brown

Most of us will spend a great deal of real money on video games, wherein we can spend a great deal of fictional money—only for much cooler things that are more likely to explode.