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Morning Cup of Links: Christmas Day

Miss Cellania

Santa Claus arrested? He must have been, because The Smoking Gun has 14 pages of mug shots -he has to be in there somewhere! (via the Presurfer) * The Apollo 8 Christmas Eve Broadcast.

Books, Ballet, and Booze: 11 Nutcracker Tales for the Holiday Season

Chelsea Collier

Since the 1950s, many Americans can't really call it Christmas until they pack up the car, head to the theater, and cheer on their little ballerina in her first production of The Nutcracker Balle

The Reason We Probably Had to Stop Posting Vocab Rehabs

Mangesh & Jason

McSweeney's writer and former mental_floss intern Hari Raghavan used to write a morbid little column called Vocab Rehab, where we tried to help people remember impressive words through tricks and

How Did You Know Katie Richie & Stacy Vallely?

David K. Israel

I'm happy to announce some winners to our last How Did You Know trivia hunt.

10 Strange Fashions

Stacy Conradt

1. Zibellino, which is the Italian word for "pelt." I bet you can guess what it is, or at least get close to it.

9 Other Things That Happened Christmas Day

Mark Juddery

1. Lots of Notable People Were Born For at least 1,656 years, Jesus's birthday has been celebrated on Christmas day.

8 Octopus Facts (one for each arm)

There's absolutely no telling how many moms and dads have reached a point during this holiday season when they've thought, "I can't do everything at once.

7 of Literature's Most Desirable Leading Men

Sara Newton

What did women do before we had People magazine to define ultimate attractiveness and tell us which leading man is the Sexiest Man Alive?

6 Founding Members of the Internet Zoo

Miss Cellania

Some of the biggest internet sensations have been animals. If the world wide web had a zoo, who would be the founding members?

Morning Cup of Links: the Icy Hill Shuffle

Miss Cellania

There are more links today than usual, to make up for yesterday's list which didn't get published.

5 Sports Franchises That Folded

Scott Allen

It's not uncommon for a sports franchise to move to another city. Before this season, for example, the NBA's Seattle Supersonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder.

4... (We've got nothing.)

Jason English

(We're going to skip #4 and run two lists of 5

3 Really Long Wars

Caroline Donnelly

Some wars seem to go on forever, and others actually do. Here are a few wars that have outlasted entire generations of people. 1. Isles of Scilly vs.

2 Bars & Restaurants With a Hospital Theme

Sydney Beveridge

Mothers in Taiwan can now give birth in a Hello Kitty-themed hospital.

The 4:48pm Quiz: '80s Cartoons (#28)

Jason English

At 4pm (ish) each day this month, we'll be posting one of the year's most popular quizzes.