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Matt Soniak

The Amazing Fact Generator, much like me, is hungry.

The Highest-Rated Debates in History

Jason English

Big plans for Clinton-Obama III? The two remaining Democratic candidates take the stage tonight for one final debate before the March 4th primaries.

Taking Pictures of Strangers: Part I

Ransom Riggs

When most people go on vacation, they take pictures of their friends and family. Beautiful vistas. Old buildings.

6 Restless Corpses

Miss Cellania

This article has nothing to do with the supernatural; it's about real bodies that just can't seem to rest in peace, or at least had to wait for their chance.A couple of recent cases raise th

How Did You Know? [Day 2]

David K. Israel

To recap, every day this week, I'm presenting a specific challenge. Your job: come up with the answers and hold onto them! Why?

February 26th, 2008

Miss Cellania

The greenest car in America is not the Prius. It's a Honda that runs on "compressed natural gas", which makes my inner child giggle. * Where to get the best breakfasts in America.

Fun With Signs: The Lowercase L

Chris Higgins

Bloggers love posting pictures of signs -- we've covered misspelled signs, weird signs, and (my personal favorite) signs featuring unnecessary quotation marks.

Lunchtime Quiz: Art & Science

Brett Savage

The short story represents a form of creative tinkering that can serve as a springboard to later elaborations and embellishments.

The First Time News Was Fit To Print: Academy Awards Edition

Jason English

Every Monday, we venture into the archives of The New York Times to find the first time the paper of record covered selected topics. This week, our focus is The Oscars.

The Mouse That Cleans

Miss Cellania

In a previous gadget report, I noted that the working parts of a computer mouse are tiny, and the bulk of the tool comes from having to fit our hands.

Real-Life Invisibility Cloaks

Ransom Riggs

Dutch artist Desiree Palmen is no wallflower, but she knows a thing or two about blending into the background.

How Did You Know? [Day 1]

David K. Israel

Today I'm unveiling an episodic trivia hunt that may or may not become a periodic feature, depending on how you all react to it.

February 25th, 2008

Miss Cellania

Blind people do not have a better sense of hearing or smell than you do.

Last Week's Leftovers

Jason English

In case you missed a day, here's last week in quizzes. If you've already taken them all and you're really bored, see if you can better your score. Click on any banner to take that

Weekend Genius Challengs #21: Ti Kwan Leap

With Leap Day coming up next Friday, I began to search my trivia mind for names of people that had been born on February 29.