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Sun Dogs: Beautiful "False Suns"

Chris Higgins

Sun dogs (aka parhelions) are surprising visual phenomena which look like halos around the sun, or in other cases "false suns" some distance from the real sun.

Zoned Out

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Most of us know (or can guess) which time zone governs the largest U.S. cities... New York (Eastern), Chicago (Central), Phoenix (Mountain), and Los Angeles (Pacific). Some cities lie closer to time-zone borders, however, and are tougher to determine.

Name the time zones in which these ten major U.S. cities lie. A score of 60% or higher is considered a win. Good luck!

We're Giving Away a Book a Day!

Jason English

There's a shelf in our Ohio office where we store books that would make nice prizes. That shelf is full, so I've been asked to ramp up the giveaways.

The White House Gift Guide: 13 Unique Presidential Gifts

Scott Allen

What do you get the Commander-in-Chief who has everything? Let's look back at some of the more interesting gifts presidents have received. 1. George W. Bush: Raw

The History of Aquatic Warfare

Colin Patrick

There was a time when water fights were much more civil.

Brain Game: Room 222

In each entry below, the number 2 stands for a two-letter sequence that repeats in each word. Here's an example: T2Z2I2 In this sample, the 2 represents AN, and so T2Z2I2 equals TANZANIAN.

Name the Seven Deadly Sins

15 Pieces of Classical Music That Showed Up in 'Looney Tunes'

Mark Mancini

Pick the Borders of Russia Without Getting One Wrong

Morning Cup of Links: Roman Candles

Miss Cellania

10 Notorious Criminals Proven Innocent After Execution.

13 Things You Might Not Know About Costco

Jake Rossen

Brad Pitt is not a satisfied customer.

Where Are They Now? 8 Things That Terrified Us in the '90s

Matt Soniak

Remember how scared we were of satanic cults, Y2K, and nuclear war? (Okay, we're still scared of nuclear war.)

Pick the 10 Largest Countries in North America, By Area

The Number of the Day: $34.95

Will Treece

A small can of uranium ore goes for $34.95 on Amazon. Related Fact: Customers who bought this item also bought The Making of the Atomic Bomb, Forbidden Lego: Build the Models Your Parents Warned Yo

5 Questions: Two First Names

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