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Infographic: 10 Popular Health Myths, Debunked

Jake Rossen

Brushing your teeth after every meal might do more harm than good.

9 Facts You Should Know About Maggie Hassan

Jocelyn Sears

Advocating for a son with cerebral palsy helped propel her into government work.

11 Can’t-Miss American Pie Shops

Kate Horowitz

Eat your way across the country with America’s best slices.

86 Books Barack Obama Has Recommended During His Presidency

Michele Debczak

This list should last you until our nation's next Inauguration Day.

Ben Franklin’s First Print Job on Display at the University of Pennsylvania

Shaunacy Ferro

It’s the only known copy of the print job that secured Franklin a full-time job in the professional printing industry he would later dominate.

Coming Soon: Hulu Will Add Offline Viewing Option

Rudie Obias

The streaming service will also add live streaming and cloud DVR.

12 Secrets of Caterers

Suzanne Raga

No, they don't make everything from scratch.

Doll Wars: When Barbie Dragged Sindy Into Court

Jake Rossen

In 1989, Mattel accused Hasbro of manufacturing a Barbie clone. To present their case, the dolls were stripped naked in court.

New Disney Video Appears to Confirm 'The Pixar Theory'

Kirstin Fawcett

Could Woody and Buzz know Nemo and Dory?

Get Thursday's Best Amazon Deals Now

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping team...

These Museums Are Offering Free Admission on Inauguration Day

Michele Debczak

Mark the occasion with some culture.

Should You Splurge on an Impulse Buy? This Chart Can Help You Decide

Shaunacy Ferro

It can be hard to talk ourselves out of an exciting sale, but your bank account will thank you.

A Brief History of Presidential Libraries

Mark Mancini

The modern presidential library is more than a roadside attraction.

9 Hardened Facts About Charles Bronson

Jake Rossen

He took up smoking at age 9.

City Maps Replace Transit Stops With Popular Instagram Hashtags

Michele Debczak

#Cronut, #innout, and #currywurst are all included.