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Time for Some Mental Hygiene: It's the mental_floss Weekly Puzzle

Celebrate the Frappuccino's 21st Birthday With a Festive, Cake-Flavored Drink

Kirstin Fawcett

Eat your birthday cake—and drink it, too.

Belgium's Government to Hand Out Iodine Pills In Case of Nuclear Attack

Shaunacy Ferro

Iodine reduces radiation buildup in the thyroid.

Show & Tell: A Campaign Torch Helmet

Rebecca Onion

Political campaigns used to hold late-night parades, when this helmet with a wick would have come in handy.

8 Reasons to Take a Train This Summer

Lina Zeldovich

Just as slow food and slow living movements are becoming the trend, it may be time to decelerate travel too.

Map of the Word for ‘Plastic Bag’ in the Dialects of France

Arika Okrent

Watch This Homemade Hoverbike Take Flight

Andrew LaSane

See how this YouTuber designed and built a flying machine from scratch.

A Weasel May Have Shut Down the Large Hadron Collider

Kate Horowitz

No opponent is too big for a tenacious weasel.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Odd news stories from all over.

7 Makeup Tips You Should Know If You Wear Glasses

Dana Schwartz

Helpful tips for the sliding and staining that occurs when you're a farsighted fashionista.

President James Monroe Lived in a Mansion—Not a Humble Cottage

Kirstin Fawcett

Archaeologists had to re-think much of what they knew about Monroe's life when they uncovered a large stone house on his estate's grounds.

Australian Brewers Made Beer With Their Belly Button Lint

Shaunacy Ferro

Craft beer gets personal.

Insect Brains Are Conscious, Study Argues

Shaunacy Ferro

A pair of Australian researchers suggest that insects have something of a sense of self.

New College Grad? Here Are 10 of the Best Cities For You

Jake Rossen

Analytics have determined where you're most likely to find work, have fun, and spend less.