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Barnes & Noble Will Start Selling Booze This Year

Shaunacy Ferro

Four pilot stores will feature a redesigned cafe with table service and wine and beer.

11 Filling Facts You Might Not Know About Chick-fil-A

Andrew LaSane

The home of the original chicken sandwich is 70 years old, and was just named America's favorite fast food restaurant.

Infographic Reveals the Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work

Michele Debczak

The case for making every day Take Your Dog to Work Day.

This Algorithm Turns Photographs of Haircuts Into 3D Models

Michele Debczak

It could lead to a lot less surprises at the hair salon.

11 Fun Facts About ‘Match Game’

Kara Kovalchik

The classic game show’s panelist Charles Nelson Reilly was fond of saying, “This is not a job, it's a social engagement.”

The Social Lives of Monkeys Might Aid Autism Research

Shaunacy Ferro

Puerto Rico's "Monkey Island" has a significant number of monkeys with a gene mutation implicated in autism.

A Shedding Snake Trapped Itself in a Loop of Its Own Skin

Michele Debczak

He was stuck for three hours before finding a way out.

With a $49 Raffle Ticket, You Could Win an Island Resort in Micronesia

Caitlin Schneider

Doug and Sally Beitz are done managing the Kosrae Nautilus Resort, and they want you to have it.

6 Fast Facts About Egyptian Mau Cats

Kirstin Fawcett

Get to know the spotted, green-eyed kitty.

Historic Vehicles are Pitted Against Each Other in a Race for the Ages

Anna Green

Learn about the history of transportation by watching ancient airplanes, horse-drawn carriages, Model-Ts, and more go for broke.

A New Smart Watch For Kids Teaches Good Habits

Anna Green

The creators call it “training wheels for good habits.”

These Color-Changing Lipsticks Feature Real Flowers Trapped Inside

Alvin Ward

5 Questions: Age of Aquarium

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6 Tips for Getting Through a Hard Conversation

Shaunacy Ferro

Take deep breaths.