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Morning Cup of Links


12 Facts About 'The Outsiders' That Will Stay Gold

Jake Rossen

A few things you might not know about the movie Francis Coppola called "'Gone with the Wind' for 14-year-old girls."

Dunkin’ Donuts is Now Serving Candy-Flavored Iced Coffee

Rudie Obias

Who says you can’t have a Heath bar for breakfast?

In the 19th Century, Drinking Too Much Tea Could Get You Sent to an Asylum

Shaunacy Ferro

Blame it on the Earl Grey.

How the Needle-Through-the-Arm Trick Works (ft. Harry Anderson)

Chris Higgins

The "Night Court" judge is also a great magician.

The Alchemist Who Discovered Phosphorus in Pee

Bess Lovejoy

He only had to boil 1500 gallons of urine to do it.

Blue Origin Will Crash Crew Capsule on Purpose During an Upcoming Launch

Andrew LaSane

It's attached to the New Shepard reusable rocket.

What's the Right Way to Make a Sex on the Beach?

Clair McLafferty

This tropical, sweet cocktail is more than just fun to order—it's tasty to drink, too.

An Intercontinental Internet Cable Will Cut Through the Arctic

Michele Debczak

It's made possible by climate change.

Large Norwegian Study Links Workaholism to Other Conditions

Kate Horowitz

There’s no doubt that work addiction is destructive, but there's more to it than pathology.

Disney World Honored a Woman’s Unused Pass … from 1994

Rudie Obias

This is why you should never throw anything away!

Which State Has the Most Medical Malpractice Suits?

Michele Debczak

Hawaii is last on the list.

10 Things We Learned About Crocs From AMNH's New Exhibition

Erin McCarthy

The Missing Links: Licking Puppies

Colin Patrick

The Most Popular Baby Names of 2015 By State

Andrew LaSane

These maps reveal patterns in baby naming by region.

Cleveland's New Bike Share Program Will Let You Drop Your Bike Anywhere

Shaunacy Ferro

For a price, of course.