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An Award-Winning Homeless Shelter Was Inspired by 10th Century Almshouses

Shaunacy Ferro

The studios will provide housing for 59 formerly homeless Londoners.

12 Spine-Tingling Facts About 'Tales From the Crypt'

Jake Rossen

The Crypt Keeper once hosted a game show.

Sinus Problems? Inhaling Steam May Not Help

Kate Horowitz

A clinical study found that sinus rinses beat steam inhalation for alleviating the symptoms of chronic sinus infections.

Watch an Exclusive Clip of 'The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead'

Jennifer M Wood

Graham Hetrick's "whole existence is to be an advocate for the dead."

The Most Polluted Street on Earth Is Going Vehicle-Free

Michele Debczak

Cars, taxis, and buses will be banned from London's Oxford Street by 2020.

Keep Cool Anywhere With Your Own Portable Air Conditioner

Kirstin Fawcett

Take it to the office, or place it on your nightstand.

Shower Behind a Curtain of Sea Monsters From Renaissance Maps

Shaunacy Ferro

You may develop a sudden fear of deep waters.

10 of the Best Restaurants That Serve Bison

Suzanne Raga

July is National Bison Month.

Snack on Smurf-Inspired Desserts at a Mall in Hong Kong

Andrew LaSane

The treats were created as a part of an extensive Smurf exhibition.

Can a Person in Space Survive Without a Spacesuit?

Sci-fi writers, take note.

You Can Tour This 'Star Trek' Replica Deck

Jake Rossen

William Shatner not included.

The Most Searched for Pokémon in Each State

Andrew LaSane

This map uses search data to reveal where Pokémon Go players are searching for rare monsters.

11 Words That Started Out As Spelling Mistakes

Paul Anthony Jones

Every ‘Star Wars’ Fan Needs This Sarlacc Pit Coffee Table

Rudie Obias

If you’ve ever thought that the one thing missing from your living room is the Sarlacc Pit, Tom Spina Designs has you covered.

Designer Creates Microchip Manicure That Double as a London Subway Card

Shaunacy Ferro

A London designer's press-on nails are embedded with an RFID tag to swipe into the London Tube, no transit card required.