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10 Things You Might Not Know About Smucker’s

Nicole Garner

That Smucker's gingham print is probably in your fridge right now.

7 Questions About the Zika Virus, Answered

Tara Smith

What is it, and why has it exploded now?

Science Explains This Duck’s Rare Pink Feathers

Kate Horowitz

Scanning a long-dead museum specimen revealed a pigment rarely found in ducks.

Jenlagged: A Comic Travelogue from Angoulême (Part 2)

Jen Vaughn

Skijoring: Like Waterskiing Behind a Horse

Kate Horowitz

The niche sport of equine skijoring is well-known out west.

8 Classic Movie Props That Were Tossed in the Trash

Jake Rossen

Sean Astin's mom threw out his original map from 'The Goonies.'

Morning Cup of Links: Neil deGrasse Tyson Raps That the Earth is Round

Miss Cellania

Great links to start your day!

Does Chicken Soup Help a Cold?

Michele Debczak

It looks like your parents were on to something.

These Dog Houses Are Gorgeous Works of Pet Architecture

Michele Debczak

Dog homes pretty enough to make pet owners jealous.

Take a Journey Through 27 Years of Hip-Hop With This Interactive Site

Caitlin Schneider

All the way from 2 Live Crew to Drake.

9 Creative Ways to Spend Your FSA Money Before the Deadline

Kristin Wong

Use it or lose it.

Pizza Hut Unveils Tater Tot Crust in New Zealand

Rudie Obias

It’s high school cafeteria heaven.

New App Helps You Find Part-Time Work Based On Your Commute

Anna Green

The app automatically traces a user's movements as they go about their day, and provides automatic job listings based on their location.

Meet the 92-Year-Old Composer Who Wrote 'Schoolhouse Rock!' Classics

Andrew LaSane

Bob Dorough talks turning lessons into memorable songs.

Pencils That Sprout Plants When You Plant Them

Rebecca OConnell

You can't erase anything with these pencils, but you can plant strawberries.