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13 Impressive Rube Goldberg Machines

Michele Debczak

These contraptions celebrate inefficiency.

Dog Rescues Research Footage That Was Lost at Sea

Anna Green

A tiny dog named Scuba recently rescued an aquatic camera.

Bandits Are Stealing Ones and Zeros From Philadelphia Address Plaques

Rebecca OConnell

If you live in East Kensington, keep a close eye on your address marker.

Morning Cup of Links: 2016 Emmy Awards Winners

Miss Cellania

Great links to start your work week!

7 Epic Toy Heists

Jake Rossen

If you plan on going on a Toys 'R Us crime spree, you might want to stop using your Rewards card.

Tips for a Safe, Stress-Free Hospital Stay

Kirstin Fawcett

Being sick or injured is scary—but it doesn't have to feel overwhelming.

5 Questions: Purple

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Take a Virtual Tour Inside the World’s Parliaments

Shaunacy Ferro

A new book explores how the layout of parliament buildings connects to the politics inside them.

11 Extravagant Pet Beds for Your Best Friend

Alvin Ward

Spoil your pets!

What are Auctioneers Saying When They Talk Super-Fast?

Chris Higgins

"One dollar bid, now two, now two, will you give me two?"

The American Foods Mark Twain Craved While Traveling Abroad

Michele Debczak

The long list includes bacon, peach cobbler, and possum.

26 Fancy, Unusual Plurals That Work Like “Attorneys General”

Arika Okrent

Some plurals work in unexpected ways.

13 Elusive Facts about Greta Garbo

Suzanne Raga

The Swedish Sphinx will debut on Sweden's currency next month.

How the Band-Aid Was Invented

Chris Higgins

Necessity is truly the mother of invention.

The Time Fidel Castro Asked FDR for $10

Stacy Conradt

“If you like, give me a ten dollars bill green american, in the letter, because never, I have not seen a ten dollars bill green american and I would like to have one of them.”