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6 Pro Sports Teams That Considered Moving to Las Vegas

Nick Greene

Sin City has been waiting a long time for a pro team to call its own.

Why Are Some Birds So Smart? Their Brains Are Neurally Dense

Kate Horowitz

A new study found that bird brains pack a lot of brain cells per square inch.

Instagram Chef Turns Junk Food Into Works of Art

Andrew LaSane

This satirical Instagram account makes fake gourmet look delicious.

We Can Now Fingerprint Babies

Jake Rossen

Researchers at Michigan State University have cracked the code on their impossibly tiny fingers.

Japanese Artist Makes Purr-fectly Bizarre Cat Heads From Felt

Kirstin Fawcett

Because who doesn't want to be a feline for a day?

10 Fascinating Sports Documentaries

Chuck Tryon

Imagined Movie Posters for 5 Famously Unfinished Films

Shaunacy Ferro

These movies by the likes of David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick never made it into production, but this is how they might have been advertised if they had.

Each State's Favorite Political TV Show, Mapped

Kirstin Fawcett

Apparently the current presidential election isn't dramatic enough for us...

'Traffic Light' Menus Might Convince You To Eat Fewer Calories

Jake Rossen

A red light could slow down your eating habits.

10 Surprising Facts About the Chateau Marmont Hotel

Karen Gardiner

For 85 years, celebrities young and old have used the famed Sunset Boulevard hotel as a party venue, press conference setting, low-key hideaway, or site of debauchery.

Anatomical Coasters Feature Cross Sections of the Heart

Andrew LaSane

Protect your furniture in the most nerdy way possible.

Just How Magic a Word Is “Abracadabra”?

Paul Anthony Jones

It was once believed to be genuinely, miraculously, magic.

15 Unexpected Action Figures You Can Buy

Alvin Ward

Because Albert Einstein basically *is* a superhero.

A Bear Necessity: The Story of Teddy Ruxpin

Jake Rossen

Teddy's long-dormant secret? He's not actually a bear at all.

The Missing Links: The Constellation That Prevents You From Photocopying Money

Colin Patrick