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Inspiring Brontës: John Martin

Andréa Fernandes

At the request of reader Merinda B., who "really loves" John Martin's "Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion" (left), today's installment of "Feel Art Again&qu

The Art of the Jack-O-Lantern: More than just a pretty face!

Miss Cellania

The carving of the pumpkin has evolved into an art form.

The Quick 10: the 10 Most Expensive Divorces

Stacy Conradt

I feel like this one needs no introduction... so here we go! 1. Rupert Murdoch's 1999 divorce from Anna Murdoch - somewhere between $1.2 and $1.7 billion. 2.

More Supporters of Our $50,000 Tuition Giveaway

Jason English

Before announcing our $50,000 Tuition Giveaway, we each guessed how many entries we thought we'd receive.

Perfectly Cromulent Words

Chris Higgins

Word nerds love Erin McKean. If you aren't yet familiar with her oeuvre, here's the short version: McKean is a totally hip editor/lexicographer for the New Oxford American Dictionary.

A Brief History of Newspaper Endorsements

Ethan Trex

As the presidential election inches closer, both candidates are looking for any little edge they might be able to find.

Lunchtime Quiz: Bill Nye the Science Guy

Jason Plautz

  Our quiz on Beakman's World was a hit, so we thought we'd give Beakman's competition a shot. Thus, our Bill Nye the Science Guy quiz. How well did you know the show?

History of the World: The Invention of Pretzels

Stacy Conradt

Yum, is there anything better than a warm, freshly-baked soft pretzel with mustard? I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. We have a monk from northern Italy to thank for that.

Cashing Out

David K. Israel

Calling all Johnny Cash fans! Next week a new DVD/CD called Johnny Cash: Chapter & Verse will be released.

2010: the End of the Incandescent

Ransom Riggs

You had a good run, incandescent light bulbs.

Brain Game: The BAN... er, NBA

Each of the three phrases below is an anagram of the name of a National Basketball Association team.

Morning Cup of Links: Parking Lot Cemeteries

Miss Cellania

I had wondered why banks didn't just adjust mortgages to allow residents to keep their homes instead of foreclosing and losing a ton of money as the housing market tanks.

The Quick 10: Disney's Haunted Mansion

Stacy Conradt

Those of you who read my blog already know that I am a rather obsessive Haunted Mansion/Disney fan.

Save the Date(s): Upcoming History of the World Events

Jason English

With every good book comes a good book tour, and we're excited to announce a few dates today.

10 Thanksgiving Traditions

Stacy Conradt

There's a lot more to Thanksgiving than just the turkey and the Pilgrims.