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15 Science Experiments You Can Do With Your Kids

Therese Oneill

Time to get messy, light some stuff on fire, and use food products in ways they were never intended!

Morning Cup of Links: Washer Seizure

Miss Cellania

These Are Their Stories. Different artists were invited to illustrate one-line episode summaries of the TV series Law and Order, in whatever manner they see fit.

11 More Hidden Messages in Company Logos

Alvin Ward

As we've mentioned before, some logos like to sneak in some hidden symbols and meanings. Some might have been staring at you right in the face without you noticing.

23 Music Videos Starring Pre-Fame Celebrities

Stacy Conradt

Though some of the songs may be forgettable, these 23 pre-fame actors at least made the videos memorable.

Famous Novelists on Symbolism in Their Work and Whether It Was Intentional

Lucas Reilly

In 1963, 16-year-old Bruce McAllister mailed a four-question survey to 150 novelists, asking if they intentionally planted symbolism in their work. Here’s what they had to say.

G'Day! 10 Facts About Outback Steakhouse

Jeff Wells

Don’t let the accent fool you: Outback Steakhouse’s cuisine is way more American than Australian.

11 Rom-Com Worthy Real-Life Meet-Cutes

Jen Doll

8 War Heroes That Were Real Animals

Miss Cellania

War heroes comes in all shapes and sizes—and species.

11 of the Greatest Class Pranks in History

Julie Winterbottom

Don’t Change a Thing: 8 Inventions That Never Needed Updating

Therese Oneill

Constant improvement is what we do. So how amazing is it that there exist a handful of objects that, though 100 years old or more, are still perfect?

65 Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Jason English

OK, "blow your mind" is a bit dramatic. But 65 Amazing Facts You'll Enjoy and Consider Mentioning to Your Friends didn't fit.

The Number of the Day: -40

Jason English

-40 degrees Fahrenheit and -40 degrees Celsius are the same temperature. Related Fact: In the original Celsius temperature scale, 0 degrees was the boiling point of water, and 100 degrees was the f

5 Questions: Twist My Armenia

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50 Amazing Facts for Our 50th Issue

Jason English

We recently published our 50th issue. In honor of our little milestone, here are 50 fun facts we've picked up over the years. 1.

Weekend Links: Judge a Book by Its Cover

Allison Keene

One of the best things about summer has to be fruit, most particularly, the watermelon.