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When Hollywood actually does call...


One of the major disappointments I suffered this week was realizing I'd never heard about "Hollywood is Calling"--the phone service where "you can have a real celebrity make a live

10 Scandalous Stars of the Silent Screen

Allison Keene

Recently, I found one of my co-workers glued to the Britney-cam live feed on CNN.com.

A Sneak Peek at 'U23D'

Ransom Riggs

I have seen the future of movie-going, and it is in three dimensions!

Geocaching: A Global Treasure Hunt

Chris Higgins

Geocaching is a sort of global treasure hunt based on GPS technology.

Fun with Electricity (Tesla Style!)

Mangesh Hattikudur

Boingboing just turned me on to this incredible site called Tesla Down Under.

On Music: 5 Peculiar Instruments

David K. Israel

My interest in musical oddities dates back to high school, when I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to invent an original instrument.

January 16th, 2008

Miss Cellania

Cliff Notes on the Stevenote: highlights of Steve Jobs' speech at the Macworld Expo yesterday. * To reduce fuel consumption and help the environment, we should design cities for people instead


Jason English

Time to wrap up a few outstanding giveaways and make some general announcements. Sounds fun,

Motor skills as mental lubricant?


Over at the Boston Globe today, there's an interesting story about the buzz surrounding "embodied cognition." As in, when squirming helps you solve that quadratic equation. A series of

Food Challenges for the Super Hungry, Super Competitive or Super Cheap

Stacy Conradt

I recently read a story on Neatorama about a restaurant that's making customers sign a waiver before eating anything doused in their signature hot sauce made with savina peppers.

Hello, my name is...

Jason Plautz

Ever since I was five, I've been pretty lukewarm on my middle name, Todd. It's not that I dislike the name, but it just never excited me (my apologies to all Todds out there).

Weekend Genius Challenge #15 Winners!

Weekend Genius Challenge #15 lived up to its name, garnering some truly genius responses. As sometimes happens, we couldn't settle on a winner, or even two.

Attack of the Blurbs

Ransom Riggs

What movie ad would be complete without a breathlessly enthusiastic blurb from a critic you've never heard of?

Send Us Your Photos: The Oldest Thing You Own

Chris Higgins

We're working on a new feature for mentalfloss.com involving reader-submitted photos. To get things rolling, we're putting out a call for photos of the oldest thing you own.

Feel Art Again: Irises

Andréa Fernandes

Many late-nineteenth century artists became fascinated with Japanese woodblock prints and began producing works influenced by the Japanese art.