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7 Dickensian Tidbits to Honor the 164th Birthday of A Christmas Carol

Special Guest Star

by Terry

The Real Story Behind A Charlie Brown Christmas (and why it almost wasn't shown)

Kara Kovalchik

In my mind, the Christmas season doesn't officially start until CBS shows A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Lessons From My Broken Toe

Stacy Conradt

You guys. I think my house is totally haunted by malevolent spirits. People keep falling down the stairs.

4 Ways to Become a Diabolical Genius from the Comfort of Your Home


If your name is Angus MacGyver, all you need to lay waste to life's obstacles—from hotwiring a moped to breaking out of a heavily guarded Soviet prison—is a tube sock, a jar o

6 Horrifying Parasites (Kevin Federline isn't one of them)

the mag

By Chris Connolly These life-sucking go-getters have managed to carve out some of the most ingenious survival strategies in the world.

Attack of the Killer Parasites

Ransom Riggs

Hey everybody, it's time for another original mental_floss video!

16 Incredible Planetarium Projectors

Chris Higgins

I'm a big planetarium fan. What could be more fun than sitting still in a big dark room and looking at stuff, while somebody talks about the cosmos and the sweep of time and stuff?

More Cool Electronic Gifts

David K. Israel

For those of you who missed Miss Cellania's fun post yesterday listing 10 Alternative Electronic Gifts, go check it out here.

December 19, 2007

Miss Cellania

New anti-aging drugs may eliminate the pain and suffering of old age, but they won't eliminate death.

Voice mail greetings: chipper, brusque, or designer?



Worst First Lines: The Quiz!

Jason Plautz

The Bullwer-Lytton Fiction Contest annually honors the worst first line to a novel.

5 Drinking Stories That Put Yours To Shame

the mag

Turns out, the best drinking stories in history are actually, well, historical. So raise a glass to your forefathers and marvel at these tales.

Weekend Genius Challenge #11 Winners!

This past weekend, we challenged our genius readers to come up with the cleverest sentence using nothing but four-letter words (the friendly kind).

Feel Art Again: "Dance Class"

Andréa Fernandes

On this day in 1892, Pyotr Tchaikovsky's ballet, The Nutcracker, was performed for the first time in St. Petersburg, Russia.

If We Had No Moon

Chris Higgins

Check out this article from Astrobiology Magazine, describing how things would be different if we lacked the moon. Here's a