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11 Signs, Announcements, and Disclaimers That Are No Longer Necessary

Kara Kovalchik

The Missing Links: Treat Your Mother Right

Colin Patrick

This Year on Mother’s Day You’d Better Treat Your Mother Right Mr. T demands it.

11 Household Items Made Into Prom Dresses

Jill Harness

Industrious ladies have always taken to designing and creating their own prom dresses, but generally that just means sewing a few pieces of fabric together.

Your Favorite Computer Games Growing Up

Jason English

On Fridays, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments.

11 Problems Music Can Solve

Jessica Hullinger

Music can cheer you up when you're sad, make you dance like a fool, and allow you to drown out the world when you need to. But music has its scientific uses, too.

11 Amazing Under-the-Radar Sports Dynasties

Jason Plautz

You've heard all about the great Yankees teams, or the Chicago Bulls dynasty that won six championships in eight seasons. But can they top a 452-game winning streak?

11 Vintage Cookbooks (1861-1920)

Jill Harness

These days, cookbooks are all fairly similar in that they offer photos of the food and maybe a few pictures of the celebrity chefs responsible for the creations.

11 Countries Where Same-Sex Marriage is Legal

Kathy Benjamin

Eleven other countries have already legalized gay marriage. Here are their stories.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Naked Unicyclist Charged For Distracting Drivers Joseph Glynn Farley of Clear Lake, Texas, was arrested in nearby Kemah for indecent exposure when he rode a unicycle naked on a bridge.

11 Nineteenth-Century VP Candidates Who Vaguely Resemble Famous Actors

James Hamblin

In the unlikely event someone wants to make a blockbuster movie about James Polk's vice president or the running mate of the guy who lost to Franklin Pierce, we have the perfect actors. 1.

Brain Game: Thbbft!

The mentalfloss.com Brain Game. Free-for-all Friday.

Morning Cup of Links: Mother's Day Prep

Miss Cellania

The Ten Most Famous Double Agents.

5 Questions: "Gris" is the Word

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11 Weird and Wonderful Webcams

Chris Higgins

In the go-go 90s, the Internet was new and we were all excited about the potential of "webcams," a new technology allowing tiny images, almost-live, to be viewed online.

11 Obscure Regional Phrases We All Should Start Using

Haley Sweetland Edwards

Work these into conversation.