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Connections TV Series Now Online

Chris Higgins

I wrote about James Burke's classic science show Connections way back in May, 2008. As I wrote then: "Connections was a documentary series produced for the BBC in 1978.

Dietribes: Chili Weather

Allison Keene

• Whether it came from the turn-of-the century prison system, the 1893 World's Fair or the Chili Queens of San Antonio (or from traditional dishes prepared by Mexicans living in the Southwest), c

Federal Reserve Banks

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While notes of higher denominations have all been redesigned to thwart counterfeiters, the $1 bill retains the same design it had nearly half a century ago. One of the now-unique features of the $1 bill is the Federal Reserve Bank stamp, seen to the left of Washington's head in the image above. It features a code (A through L) circled by the name of the city where the note was issued.

Given five minutes, can you name the U.S. cities where these 12 main Federal Reserve Banks are located? Good luck!

More About QR Codes

David K. Israel

As we lead up to the QR Code Hunt next week in New York City where you will have a chance to win a brand new Ford Fiesta, I wanted to write some more about how the contest will work and how QR codes w

A Gallery Under the Streets of New York

Jill Harness

Deep under the streets of the New York are miles and miles of abandoned subway tunnels.

Brain Game: A vs. B

With focus on the use of the language, what specific trait do the following three three entries have in common? gray airplane favorite neighbor colorful jewelry Here is the SOLUTION. THE

Morning Cup of Links: Rudolph's Nose Job

Miss Cellania

What Everyone Needs to Know About College and Privacy.

5 Questions: Double Dream Hands!

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The Late Movies: How to Celebrate Festivus

Erica Palan

While the origins of Festivus are a little murky — Seinfeld? The father of a Seinfeld writer? The ancient Romans?

10 Times Jesus Appeared in Junk Food

Stacy Conradt

On December 12, 1531, the Virgin Mary, the story goes, appeared on the cloak of a peasant named Juan Diego. Today, the image that appeared on the cloak is popularly known as the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Abraham Lincoln Created the Secret Service the Day He Was Shot

Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis runs the popular daily newsletter Now I Know ("Learn Something New Every Day, By Email"). We've invited him to share some of his stories on mental_floss this week.

QR Codes

David K. Israel

Last week we announced that we're giving away a BRAND NEW FORD FIESTA in NYC through a special QR code hunt a week from today. But what on earth is a QR code?

Today's Giveaway: Get Clean and Geeky With Video Game Soap

Jason English

I enjoy learning about cities that got creative with their official symbols. For example, the plastic pink flamingo is the official bird of Madison, WI.

We're Coming To Durham (and we're bringing Prizes!)

Mangesh & Jason

We're loading up the RV and taking the Mental Floss Trivia Show on the road to beautiful Durham, North Carolina! It's true. This Monday, Feb.

Google Zeitgeist 2010

Chris Higgins

Each year since 2001, Google releases its Zeitgeist summary, showing various lists of top search terms.