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Morning Cup of Links: Chewbacca's Ancestors

Miss Cellania

The 80 million people of the Baby Boom generation are both blamed and credited for the way America is today.

The Number of the Day: 1,000,000

Andréa Fernandes

Sea otters have up to 1,000,000 hairs per square inch of skin. Related Link: For the next week, we'll be pulling Numbers of the Day from the beautiful and fascinating National Geographic Answe

5 Questions: Carry On

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The Late Movies: Reggie Watts, the Beat-boxing, Singing, Dancing Comedian

Chris Higgins

Reggie Watts is an entertainer with something for everyone, but what's weird is that he's awesome at everything he does.

The Quick 10: 10 Failed Assassination Attempts

Stacy Conradt

Today happens to be the anniversary of the day Sara Jane Moore tried to take President Ford out in 1975, so we're revisiting an old post on assassinations.

Seasons Affect MS Symptoms

Meghan Holohan

At the age of 45, Anne Rowling died from complications of multiple sclerosis (MS). Her daughter, J.K.

At the Libraries: The Most Expensive Book

Miss Kathleen

Every Wednesday, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books. If there's something fun going on in your local library, leave us a

Pig Parts are in Bullets, Artificial Hearts, and Cigarettes

Chris Higgins

Christien Meindertsma followed an individual pig through its life and death, to see where all the parts of the pig ended up.

Dietribes: Raspberries

Allison Keene

• First thing's first: a raspberry is a bramble, or any plant belonging to the fierce-sounding genus Rubus. Raspberries are cousins with other bramble fruits, including blackberries.

GoodFellas: The 20th Anniversary Quiz

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This quiz focuses mainly on the characters and plot events in the film GoodFellas. If you've never seen the film, we recommend that you do so before attempting this quiz, as there are spoilers galore inside. And remember the two most important things in life: One, never rat on your friends; and two, always keep your mouth shut. Good luck!

History of the U.S.: Ladies Love George Washington

Stacy Conradt

Washington wasn’t always the old, white-haired patriarchal Founding Father we know and love. At six feet three inches, the young Washington had the ladies of pre-Revolutionary Virginia swooning.

7 Little-Known Muppets

David K. Israel

Sure, you know the Swedish Chef, Kermit, Miss Piggy and Beaker. Who doesn’t? But what about some of the more obscure Muppets?

Mighty Microbes: 4 Little Creatures that Pack a Big Scientific Punch

the mag

By Maggie Koerth-Baker Economists do it with spreadsheets and charts. Architects favor balsa wood. But when a biologist needs a model, it's gotta be alive.

Can You Name the 'Batman' Movie?

Name the Last Quarterback to Play in the Pro Bowl for Each Team

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