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The Very Real Sting of Rejection

Meghan Holohan

After working on his book for years, John Kennedy Toole submitted his manuscript to several publishers. Initially, editor Robert Gottlieb wanted to publish it, but he soon lost interest.

Every Jeopardy! Clue and Response, Ever*

Chris Higgins

Let's say you wanted to know what went down on last night's episode of Jeopardy! Well, you'd be in luck -- browse on over to the Show #6128 page on J!

So You Want to Make an Action Movie

Colin Patrick

The internet is full of flowcharts. But a lot of them are designed for strictly ridiculous or ironic purposes.

Peeps of Art and Literature

Miss Cellania

I posted a roundup of Peeps dioramas called Heaps of Peeps back in 2007 and Peeps Imitate Life in 2009.

Kickstart This: Terminator the Second

Ransom Riggs

Here's an amazingly excellent idea for a mash-up: a theatrical production of Terminator 2 re-written in the language of Shakespeare.

Brain Game: It's a Necessity

Every Thursday is Think Thursday at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game.

The Number of the Day: $4.3 Million

Jason English

Jim and Dorothy Sprague wrongly believed they'd won $4.3 million in the Colorado Lottery; their six numbers matched the winning numbers printed in their local paper, the Pueblo Chieftan.

Morning Cup of Links: Civil War Myths

Miss Cellania

The Real Housewives of Wall Street. Rolling Stone lays out who the bailout funds went to and how they profit off them. (via Fark) * Kazimierz Piechowski escaped from Auschwitz.

5 Questions: Karl or Carl

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The Time John Fogerty Was Sued for Ripping Off John Fogerty

Ethan Trex

Weird moments in Supreme Court history.

The Quick 10: 10 Celebrity Zoo Residents

Stacy Conradt

With the recent popularity of the Bronx Zoo Cobra, I thought it was a good time to check out some other zoo animals that received celebrity status during their heydays.

The Late Movies: Disney Propaganda Cartoons

Chris Higgins

During World War II, Disney created propaganda for the US government. The cartoons dealt with subjects as varied as income taxes, the daily life of Nazis, and military tactics.

Strange Geographies: Quick Facts About the Netherlands

Ransom Riggs

I just got back from a week in the Netherlands (and Belgium and Luxembourg) and my head's still spinning -- from the jet-lag, heavy beers, and dizzying awesomeness of that part of the world.

Oregon House Members Rickroll Colleagues

Chris Higgins

In Oregon, our House chamber is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. This 50/50 split has been the topic of some concern, as bipartisanship is now required to pass critical legislation.

Topping It Off

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Other than sauces, cheeses, and spices, 18 unique items are available on the generic Domino's® Pizza toppings menu. How many of these can you name in five minutes? The timer begins when you key in your first answer, and a score of 10 or more is a win. Good luck!